Freshwater Fishing Australia #166

In this issue, #166 of Freshwater Fishing Australia Magazine, Andy McGovern outlines his success using lures on big impoundment cod while fishing from shore. Cairn Curran Reservoir in Victoria is a brilliant fishery that provides land-based anglers plenty of opportunity and reward as Kelsi Gull, explains. Rod Mackenzie discusses his voyage along the path to find the perfect rod – not the perfect Rod Mackenzie, but the perfect fishing rod. Colby Lesko, discusses his approach to sight casting to Lake Proserpine’s barra in the weed, the most enthralling way to target these monsters in his opinion. The South Alligator River is a wonderful fishing destination filled with all the barra fishing options an angler will ever need. Fast reels for fast fish, right? Perhaps not explains Chris Cotterill who delves into the reasons why fast-paced reels are a great choice for chasing Aussie native fish. The remote Western Lakes area of Tasmania is a truly wild and amazing place for anglers as Casey Pfeiffer explains.

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