Freshwater Fishing Australia #167

Our winter issue of Freshwater Fishing Magazine #167 is packed with some great tips and techniques. Andy McGovern outlines one of the prime locations in a river system and how best to fish it with lures for both trout and natives in his informative article. Justin Clifton ponders the age-old question of how to deal with chasing and catching pressured fish. At one stage or another most native fish anglers have used spinnerbaits in the pursuit of that big cod we all dream about according to Rod Mackenzie. Colby Lesko reveals his tricks and techniques for fishing impoundments with swimbaits. Rowan Harris explains that fishing with swimbaits can open up new techniques and teach valuable lessons. Cara Cummings takes us through the first steps in getting your kids into fishing. In this first part of a two-part series Trevor Hawkins goes back to the basics of what makes trout tick, and how an angler can use this knowledge to their fishing advantage when chasing trout.

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