Freshwater Fishing Australia #165

In this issue, #165 of Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine, Andy McGovern outlines some timely tips on how to lure fish smarter, rather than harder, when targeting cod, golden perch and trout. Dave Magner takes look at a much misunderstood and often underrated native species through the eyes of a fly fisher. The South Alligator River is one of the NTs most famous rivers that produces amazing fishing during the run-off according to Chris Errity who takes us for a run on this iconic river. Trevor Hawkins discusses the origins of Australian flies and considers why there is little experimental and ‘novelty’ fly tying in this country compared to our booming handcrafted lure industry. Toby Grundy outlines the tactics he uses for targeting cod on the ledges with the one lure that always seems to give anglers an edge over the fish no matter the conditions. Plus of course, there’s all the latest gear, reviews and more that you’ve come to expect from Australia’s top fishing magazine.

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