Freshwater Fishing Australia #182

In this issue 182. We have compiled some our best articles featuring technical how to. Also a special tribute to Trevor Hawkins. With so much focus on the latest lures on the market, and the various techniques in which they can be fished, it’s easy to forget where it all started, and that’s with bait. Andrew McGovern goes back to basics and shares some tips and tricks on the usage of bait on our most popular freshwater species. Spinnerbaits are boasting more and more features these days, but the simplest of all configurations, the single bladed presentation, shouldn’t be dismissed as Marc Ainsworth explains. Following on from his feature on Bass techniques of the U.S Jason Wilhelm talks to his good mate and aspiring BASS Elite angler Carl Jocumsen to get the low down on drop shotting for native species in Australian waters. As impoundment barra become aware of anglers and their tactics new techniques are necessary for success. Nigel Webster explains one such technique. Plus much more.

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