Freshwater Fishing Australia #181

In this summer issue 181 is packed with great articles and techniques. Andy McGovern, outlines some tips and advice for those planning a lure session after dark. Nathan Huizing Continuing on from my last article, after finishing up at Lakefield National Park we jumped back in the car hitting the road again, the next chance we had to wet a line in the fresh was when we reached the Daintree. The retrieve is a much-underrated part of the fly-fishing process according to Dave Magner. Always worth a trip with the fly rod, the lakes of this region are presently the best they’ve been for years, writes AFN Pro staff. Trevor Hawkins is enchanted by two little lakes high in the Snowy Mountains. Leslie Dam is located in SE Queensland only 15 mins from the town of Warwick and is open to Murray cod fishing year-round. Colby Lesko, explains, and much more…

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