Freshwater Fishing Australia - Issue #152

Our spring edition #152 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is jam-packed with the latest techniques, locations and information to help you catch your favourite freshwater sportfish.

Big cod can be hard to hook at times explains Mick Caulfield, and in this second part of his Eildon articles he outlines some of the tricks he uses to improve his hook-up rate!
Before venturing up to Lake Eildon, Trevor Hawkins explores a few more fly streams below the lake, including the mighty Goulburn River. There are now a few fantastic large Murray cod fisheries scattered all across the Murray-Darling Basin. The rivers provide traditional cod populations, while the stocked impoundments are now becoming a major draw card according to Colby Lesko. Nige Webster recently returned from a road trip filming and fishing the billabongs of the Northern Territory, he reckons it’s a trip every angler needs to undertake once in their lifetime, and in this article Nige shares a few tips and techniques to put into practise. Much more…

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