Freshwater Fishing Australia #151

Issue 151 is bumper with great articles and techniques.

In issue #150, Marc Ainsworth and Anthony Forster introduced the victorian fisheries authority’s ‘care for cod’ campaign. In this article, Anthony goes further to explain more of the history, rationale and detail of the campaign. Colby Lesko delves into the Darling River to explore all manner of big cod possibilities. When it comes to selecting jighead and soft plastic combinations. Andrew McGovern believes that the key to success is to mix it up. Trevor Hawkins offers a brief overview of some of the most reliable and heavily fished rivers below Victoria’s most iconic mixed fishery, Lake Eildon. Nige Webster takes us on a freshwater adventure through tropical North Queensland in search of three species of fish: these fish are all apex predators in their domain and require understanding, technique and a little luck to catch all in the one trip. . But there’s more of course, including all the latest gear, reviews and in depth columns.

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