Freshwater Fishing Australia - Issue #143

Freshwater Fishing Magazine is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations.

There’s lure winding and then there’s lure retrieving… which one do you do? In this series of articles, Adam Royter will help fine tune your lure fishing skills to help turn your wobble into several wiggles, a pause and some rod tip flick. If you want to catch more fish than ever before, you need to read this series of articles. Mathew Skorupa fishes the rocky stretches of southern NSW rivers in search of the iconic Murray cod. He explains how best to search for them and how to extract them from their hidey holes once you have.

Colby Lesko heads to Copeton Gorge in search of Murray cod. Mark Gercovich provides a welcomed update on LakePurrumbete’s potential as one of Victoria’s top trout fisheries. Dale Ward reinforces the need for stealth and delicate presentations when targeting skinny water bass, while Simon Cardone gives a rundown on getting the most from bankfishing skinny waters for Murray cod.

Chris Cotterill ditches the rattle and shimmer of spinnerbaits and goes soft for mighty Murray cod, and selecting the best lure to use during the transitional light phase at dawn can be a complex and perplexing issue, Andrew McGovern imparts his knowledge on what factors to consider when selecting and using lures around dawn. Trevor Hawkins suggests a few caravan and camping spots that make ideal bases for some trout fishing exploration on the border of Victoria and NSW, while Rod Mackenzie takes to the fly in search of our iconic Murray cod.

Lubin Pfeiffer divulges some of his favourite locations for discovering gold along the South Australian stretch of the beloved Murray River, and Trevor Hawkins visits one of Tasmania’s most well respected freestone streams. Plus of course, there’s all the latest gear, reviews and more.

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