Freshwater Fishing Australia #142

Christmas may be over but the goodies just keep on coming from the Australian Fishing Network. Issue 142 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is overflowing with tips and tricks to get you into more fish, more often! There’s a quiet revolution going on for Murray cod anglers, something that has been simmering away for over 10 years now according to Stephen Booth, but isn’t widely known about or practised yet. Swimbaiting is a broad term used to cover a variety of lure fishing styles used to represent baitfish. But while the definition of the term may vary, what is certain is that this style of fishing has enormous application for chasing our freshwater apex predators such as Murray cod and barramundi. AFN spoke with some of the top proponents of fishing swimbaits in Australia and got their number one tips for swimbaiting success.

In another fascinating article, Rhys Creed divulges the secrets to photochromic lenses and explains how
they can dramatically improve your freshwater forays. Dean Norbiato stays nimble as he searches for a hot native bite. James Dainton hits the Goulburn River in search of Australia’s finest freshwater species. Chris Ghosn shares some intuitive insights into trolling for bass in rivers. Thanks to a simple change of tactics, impoundment fishing for Murray cod has taken off in a big way according to Dan Nogare. Colby Lesko tackles some of Victoria’s largest brown trout in the crystal clear waters of Lake Purrumbete, while Andrew McGovern discusses the effectiveness of targeting drainage zones when searching for golden perch.

The Darling Downs has become an angling Mecca in recent times, and Noal Kuhl has become a massive advocate for the place. He explains why you too should embrace the area and the rich fishing opportunities it provides. There’s more to Apollo Bay than just surfing,holidaying and drinking lattes as Daniel Kent explains. Trevor Hawkins takes a closer look at some beautiful little wild trout streams that have slipped under the radar of most anglers due to their unusual location.

There’s more of course, including all the regular columns, Trout Water and Mick Hall’s FlyTalk, plus all the latest news and reviews.

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