Freshwater Fishing Australia #171

In this issue Andy McGovern expands on his piece from FWF 170 on “Dirty Water Tactics”, to provide a detailed insight into where to find cod during flooded and high water conditions. Chris Ghosn hunts XOS trout in freezing conditions in the high country of New South Wales. The 2022 Wet season has kicked off with some above average rainfall on most of the catchments with reports of good early run-off fishing for barramundi on many Top End rivers, Chris Errity explains. This is a hot topic Stepehen Booth explains, and one that is an absolute cracker around the campfire, especially when you have so much varied opinion. As the weather begins to cool during autumn, my sights turn towards the many snags that line the banks of the Murray River. Lubin Pfeiffer explains. Koombooloomba Dam is situated in on the upper Tully river in FNQ about 3 hours south of Cairns.

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