Freshwater Fishing Australia #172

In this issue Snags and lure loss are part and parcel of all forms of fishing. Andy McGovern outlines some tried and true techniques to reduce snags and get more bites when targeting Murray cod. Jerk baiting for barra is not new, but it is a tactic you simply must have in your arsenal explains Colby. It’s no secret that there’s one freshwater fish we all want to catch, a Murray cod. Lachlan Bidstrup explains. There are a few sights in fishing more amazing than seeing a large Murray cod crunch a surface lure, Lubin Pfeiffer explains. Trevor Hawkins explains how to mend your cast to present a streamer fly broadside on to a holding trout. AFN pro staff reviews the born-again trout lakes of Victoria’s central highlands area. Craig Coltman offers a comprehensive overview on catching trout on fly from a boat. ‘We usually use repeated missed strikes, poor hookups or prolonged fishless stretches as catalysts to switch to a softer presentation.’

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