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Werribee Bream & Lipless Crankbaiting Trout

Bill Classon and Brad Hodges hit the Werribee River to target Bream and Jewfish. Then, Nige Webster travels to the Snowy Mountains to show how effective lipless crank baits can be on trout.

NT Runoff Barra & Finessing Black Bream

Concentrations of fish, once found, offer the chance of some great fishing. The AFN crew head to the Northern Territory in search of stacked up run-off barramundi before heading south to chase schooling black bream.

Shallow Water Trout Trolling & Stickbaiting Tuna

Colder waters in Australia offer plenty of great fishing options. The AFN Fishing Show heads south in this episode to troll for shallow water trout, before hitting the southern ocean waters to target southern bluefin tuna on stickbait lures.

Eildon Murray Cod & Tropical Tuna Trolling

Join the AFN crew as they explore the stocking of one of Victoria's prime fisheries, Lake Eildon, then join Nigel Webster and Bill Classon off Queensland's Marion Reef as they go in search of feisty dogtooth tuna.

Landbased Luderick & Melbourne Cup Madness

The AFN Fishing Show goes on leave and discovers how good holiday fishing can be. We hit the rockwalls in search of luderick and hook up with sporting celebrities Merv Hughes and Dipper Domenico as they chase Public Holiday snapper in Melbourne.

Kayak Murray Cod & Southern Whiting Tactics

We go from the highlands of NSW to the southern waters of Australia. If you love the idea of chasing murray cod in the gorges or big South Australian whiting then you’d better tune in!

Finessing Snapper on Softies & Flood Plain Barra

We chase a couple of our iconic Aussie sport fish. We head offshore to learn the art of fishing small soft plastics for snapper before hitting the floodplains of the Northern Territory in search of barra.

Estuary Basics & Trout Cod Story

It's back to basics as the AFN crew targets bread and butter species in estuary waters, then Bill Classon discovers the untold story of the trout cod- and you're in for a surprise!

Downrigging Mackerel & Melbourne Trout

We explore the benefits of a deep water approach, towing deep baits for mackerel. Then, Bill Classon discovers the great fishing options that Mount Dandenong provides.

Port Stephens Getaway & Snapper on Soft Plastics

We hit the holiday road with a Sydney working family and learn how they go about catching plenty of bread-and-butter species from the beach and estuary at Port Stephens. Then, Bill Classon and Travis McIntyre look at soft plastic techniques for snapper in Port Phillip Bay.

Soft Prawn Barra & Extreme Jigging Bustups

The AFN Fishing Show catches up with Troy Dixon, and fishes soft plastic prawn imitations for wild barra in the Fitzroy river, before heading offshore to jig hard fighting tuna out on the coral sea.

Soft Plastic Mackerel & Downrigging Tailor

The AFN Fishing Show heads offshore this week, as Nige Webster uses his sounder and tries chasing mackerel with deep water soft plastics. Then, we join Andrew McGovern at St. George's Basin as he goes trolling with a downrigger for big tailor.

Polaroiding Mountain Trout & Luring NSW Salmon

The AFN Fishing Show heads to Lake Jindabyne for some exciting sight fishing with soft plastics. Then, Andrew and Mitch McGovern are on the hunt for salmon in the estuaries of New South Wales.

Southern Surface Bass

In a special episode, the AFN Fishing Show heads to Blue Rock Dam. We've heard rumors about the successful stocking of bass in the lake, and we want to see if the fishing is as good at the stories.

Hard & Soft Micro-jigging & Darwin Harbour Jewfish

The AFN crew go jigging soft plastics and small metals in the hope of enticing bites from all sorts of pelagics. Then, Kane Dysart and Tynan "Fro" Bartolo show us the incredible fishing opportunities right on the doorstep of Darwin.

Mallacoota Fishing Weekend & Soft Bream’n

Join the AFN team as we take you on a tour of Mallacoota, and explore the amazing fishing the region has to offer. Later on, Will Lee and Ryan Dixon show you how to catch bream in and around the docks of Mooloolaba.

Baiting Chinooks & Finesse Jigging Bass

The AFN Fishing Show heads to Bullen Merri, searching for chinook salmon. Later on in the show, Jason Ehrlich and Callum Munro try their luck jigging for deep water bass.

Blade Jigging Coral Trout & Polaroiding Coral Flats

Sight fishing in one of the most exciting forms of fishing. The AFN Fishing Show polaroids for coral trout off the coast of Queensland's 1770, before joining Clint Isaac as he sight fishes the flats in search of pelagic reef species.

Mustad Mini-Marlin & Eildon Cod

Nige Webster and his nine year-old son Lachlan experience the thrill of marlin fishing. Will Lachy get a chance to achieve his dream catch? Then later on, Bill and Nige take AFN's general manager Debbie to try and catch her first murray cod.

Gold Coast Flathead & Welshpool Whiting

There's nothing quite like a fantastic day in the Queensland sun. The AFN Fishing Show teaches you how to catch flathead at the Gold Coast - with a surprise catch along the way. Back down south, we'll look at how to pump for bait and hopefully catch a whiting or two!

Spot X Bream & Reynolds River Surface Sooties

We visit the secret spot X in South Australia on the search for some beautiful bream. Then the team head off the beaten track in the Northern Territory for some epic surface fishing for sooties in the Reynolds River.

Port Lincoln Salmon & Manly Beach

The AFN team joins Tom Tierney in South Australia, and see if we can spot a salmon or two. Then later, we head to NSW to join rock and beach guide Alex Bellissimo, as we fish beach worms for whiting on Manly Beach.

Deep Water Cod & Miami Boat Show

Nige gets the adrenalin pumping with some murray cod fishing that's sure to have you on the edge of your seat. Also on the show, Bill Classon travels to the Miami International Boat show, and checks out some of the amazing new technology on display.

Port Fairy SBTs & Tasmania Surface Bream

The AFN Fishing Show goes offshore in Port Fairy, where we show you how to catch and fillet bluefin tuna. The we travel down to the east coast of Tasmania for some exciting surface action, as we fish for bream on surface lures.

Soft Plastics on the Reef & Teasing Trout

Nige Webster has some fun on soft plastics at Queenslands 1770, and catches a few reef species along the way. Then, we head across to Lake Jindabyne to see if we can attract a trout or two, trolling cowbells and soft plastics.

Timber Bass & Soft Plastic Baiting

The AFN Fishing Show goes polaroiding, as we discover some excellent bass fishing plastics amongst submerged timber. Then, we join Peter Morris and explore the basics of using scented soft plastics to fish for flathead.

Ballarat Trout Challenge & Tumby Bay Whiting

It's Nige Webster V Trevor Hawkins AND lure versus fly in the ultimate trout challenge! Then we head to South Australia, to meet up with our mate Tumby Tom for a lesson on whiting tactics.

Nomad Spin Test & 1770 Coral Trout

On this show, we catch up with Nick Milford from Nomad, as he and Nige put some medium-weight spin gear to the test against some fiercesome GTs! And later, Nige cracks out the paddletail soft plastics to fish the beautiful waters of 1770.

Marlin on Fly

Join two mates as they spend a weekend at one of their favourite locations, trying to satisfy a lifetime goal. Matt and Nige have only ever dreamed of taming a marlin on fly - jump on board as they share the highs and desperate lows of trying to catch a fishing trophy.

Deep Water Cod & Mustad Mini-Marlin

Nige Webster sightfishes clear water cod from the rocks. Then, Nige's nine year-old son Lachlan has been desperate to experience the thrill of marlin fishing. Will he finally get the chance to achieve his dream catch?

Asari Micro-Jigging Challenge

The AFN team go head to head in a North Vs South Challenge. Using the same lures, Nige Webster targets tropical reef fish, while down south Bill Classon chases southern bluefin tuna. The day has plenty of surprises, including a monstrous and deadly visitor!

Extreme Polycrafting

Nige Webster and Jase Medcalf do what that do best - go fishing, and try to break things. The boys chase pelagic fish offshore before turning their hands to target estuary fish. The day takes on a twist when the boys are asked to test a boat in a very different fashion!

Nomad Game Show

The AFN spring a surprise visit to the Nomad sportfishing operation. The crew hold a game show to choose somebody to front the cameras and have a day of fishing with Nige! A Sydney angler jumps on board, and while we get to know our new mate, the tropical fishing action goes absolutely nuts!

Ballarat Fly Vs Lure & Gold Coast Mackerel

It's Fly V Lure as Nige joins Trevor Hawkins on Lake Windouree and engages in a friendly trout competition. Then Kord takes Nige out to the mackerel grounds, where they utilise some unwilling participants.

Weipa Barra Challenge

Nige brings the challenge to fishing guide Nicolai Fewtrell - catch 20 small barra, or one over 75 centimeters. The downside? For every bi-catch that comes aboard, Nicolai has to eat a random item from the dreaded ration pack!

Eucumbene Trout Season

Nige and Trevor head to Eucumbene for a rematch of their fly vs lure challenge. The boys make some competitive catches, but as they bash through the bush, things take a dramatic turn for the worse. Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a man down, this suddenly becomes a tougher challenge than they ever expected!

Tasmania Trout & Copeton Dam

Peter Morse and Simon Gawesworth join the locals fly-fishing the stunning waters of Tasmania. Then later, Nige Webster and Benny Lockwood break out the soft plastics to hunt for golden perch at Copeton Dam.

Cape York Experience

Nige Webster visits the traditional land owners at Cape York for a very different fishing experience. Then later we join Nicolai Fewtrell on the hunt for some hungry barra.

Lure Paint Trout & Flinders Island

Nige and Trevor paint up their own lures and hunt for a feed of fish. Can their crafty artwork entice a bite, or will every one be left cold and hungry? Then, Bill Classon heads to Flinders Island, to get in on the amazing gummy shark fishing!

Coral Trout Metal Challenge

Nige heads out on the water with plumber and avid fisherman Jamie, and tries to convert him from bait fishing to metal lures. Can they catch enough coral trout to change Jamie's mind, or will he stick to his ways and continue to fish bait?

VIP Raffle Adventure

Nige takes a BCF raffle winner out on a fishing expedition, targeting both reef species and pelagics. If they can't catch enough species across the two environments, Nige is stuck packing boxes for BCF.

Mackerel Surfing Challenge

Nige takes champion longboard surfer Nic Jones offshore, and sets a few challenges for the rookie angler. Then they hit the surf, and the tables are turned, as Nic sets Nige a few challenges of his own.

Surface Plastics and Cod

The AFN Fishing team heads to NSW to try and catch Murray cod on surface soft plastic lures: a task they have never achieved. The crew then heads to Victoria and pits two teams against each other in a unique fishing tournament.

The Brynterview

Today we conduct a job interview on the water as the team takes on a budding journalist intern. To get the job he simply has to catch a big fish! We then head north and give a barramundi pro very limited time to catch fish.

Mission ‘Shut Dave Up’

The AFN team have a ‘lippy’ cameraman that challenges Nige to better a ‘Personal Best.’ Nige and a fishing guide work hard in the tropics to silence their noisy work colleague!

Father Son Trout Challenge

The AFN Fishing Show heads to the tropics with a special father-to-son fishing challenge. A fishing guide is put to the test to catch a large coral trout on soft plastics or pay the price of failing.

Sneaky Tricks

Today we put a fishing journalist to the test: he gets one day to prove he can catch NSW luderick using an artificial technique he has written about in magazines. The team then heads to the New Zealand South Island to target trout in fast flowing rivers.

Gold Coast Trifecta

The AFN Fishing team heads to the blue waters of the Gold Coast. We enlist a game fishing crew to help us test a theory. After the shock of hearing about their strange challenge, the crew quickly get to work and take on a rough ocean.

Survivor Island

Today starts on a deserted tropical island with only a box of lures and a challenge to survive! To help us catch fish, we use the help of some touring Texan anglers. Then we target Murray cod in NSW and conduct an on-water job interview at the same time!

Gold Coast and New Zealand

The AFN team take on a multi-species fishing tournament on the Gold Coast that also aims to raise money for paramedics with a great cause. We then head to New Zealand and target cruising lake trout with soft plastic lures.

New Zealand Trout

Nige Webster joins Frank Prokop in New Zealand and puts his Aussie pride on the line - can he snare that elusive 20 pound trout?

V8 Supercar Fishing Challenge

It's pedal to the metal as Nige Webster and Jason Medcalf team up with the Red Bull V8 Supercar Drivers and see who can catch the most fish.

Sounder Treasure Hunt

Nige Webster competes with sounder expert Ken Thompson for a pirate's bounty. X-marks the spot and the best fishing marks win in this fast paced fishing competition.

Coffin Bay Jigging Challenge

It's the goodies versus the baddies, as Bill Classon sets a challenge on Why Not Fishing Charters out of Port Lincoln, and the competition is fierce!

Wheelchair Fishing

Nige takes out Mark Urkart, an Australian Soldier injured during training, and helps him catch his first fish. Then, back on land, Mark takes Nige out for some wheelchair rugby, and it's Game On!

Massive Surface Lure Cod

Nige Webster joins a Murray cod veteran to chase a dream fish in a special manner: the target is a 1 metre plus fish on a surface lure.

Tailor to Trout

Nige Webster and Bill Classon go on a fishing road trip with a specific quest.

Exmouth Grand Slam

Bill Classon heads to Exmouth following a fishing dream: a billfish Grand Slam.

Sydney Squid & Kings

It's business time on the AFN Fishing Show, as Nige meets Sydney fishing guide Stuart and challenges him to catch both squid and kingfish!

Flathead Cricket Challenge

In a special 1 hour show, we combine the process of flathead fishing with the rules of cricket, Then we catch some Snapper with Victorian cricketers James Pattinson and John Hastings. If you love cricket and fishing you can’t miss this!

Kid’s Fishing & Exmouth Flats

BCF store manager Dave Padmore joins Nige Webster for possibly their greatest challenge yet: can they outfish a first grader? Then we hunt Golden Trevally at Exmouth Flats.

Weipa Road Trip 2 – Dam Barra

We surprise a young BCF staff member in Cairns and give him one day to catch a metre-plus barramundi, and to help Nige do likewise.

The Go Slow Challenge

The art of Slow Jigging is put to the test as Nige Webster is issued a fishing challenge from EJ Todds - with his pride on the line!

Estuary Survival Challenge

Nige and Jason try to survive only on what they catch, as they explore the role of estuary, and the story of Laurie Thompson, the hermit of Pancake Creek.

Nomad Prize Winners & Twin Crater Lakes

It's youth versus experience as Nige challenges a younger generation of anglers to a fishing competition aboard Nomad Sportfishing, before Bill Classon explores the explosive growth rates of trout and salmon in the crater lakes of Western Victoria.

Tropical GT Adventure

Nige goes out with Nomad Sportfishing to chase GTs in the tropics, and even gives tries his hand at being a fishing guide.

Stickbaiting SA Kings & Portland Tuna

Nige chases after some kingfish with stickbaits in SA with KEEN As FISH, SA Fishing Charters. Then, Bill heads out with Salty Dog Fishing Charters Port Fairy to explore the tuna fishery in Portland.

Burdekin Metre Barramundi

Nige heads to North Queensland to meet up with JC'S Guided Sportfishing and chase a bucket list fish - a metre long barramundi!

SA Jigging & Blue Rock Bass

Nige Webster heads to Marion Bay in SA to sample the amazing scenery and the deep fishery within. Then, Bill Classon heads to Blue Rock to fish for bass and settle a rivalry between two fishing mates.

Whiting State of Origin & Apollo Bay Trout

Nige Webster finds out which state leads the way when it comes to catching whiting in a North versus South challenge. Then, Bill Classon heads to Victoria to find a hidden sea run trout destination among the rivers or Apollo Bay.

Brisbane Threadfin & Tuna

Nige Webster heads to Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, to sample some of the great fishing on offer. The journey starts in Brisbane River, targeting a unique population of fish, before heading into Moreton Bay to chase Northern Bluefin Tuna.

Swains Reef Jigging

Nige Webster takes a small boat a long way offshore, with the aim of catching a fish as wide or as long as his boat. The fishing heats up, but will it put an end to the adventure?

Sydney Kingfish, Fish Migration and USA Tour

We start out in Sydney Harbour trying to catch a fish for an unsuspecting angler, then undertake a scientific mission thanks to World Fish Migration Day, before finally heading to the USA on a whirlwind tour.

Awoonga Barra Journey

Nige catches up with Jason Medcalf and discovers the effects of flooding on local awoonga fish. There's plenty of barramundi feeding action, before fishing along the flood route.

Bucket List Snapper and Old Time Fishing Challenge

We head offshore to help an angler catch a bucket list fish: the snapper. Then, we take a trip back in time, as Nige heads out on his boat with only the previous generation of gear, in search of a feed of fish.

3 Trout Rivers, 3 Days

Nige heads out with Trevor Hawkins and fly fishes along 3 different trout rivers over 3 days.

Searching The Great Barrier Reef

Heading north of the Cape York Penisula, we find some remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef, and sample the amazing fishing on offer. Along the journey we investigate why the reef is such an important Wonder-of-the-World; we also highlight some of its major threats.

Cape York Secret Fishing Camp

We jump on a plane and head to the top of Australia in search of a secret remote fishing camp! Along the way we explore how the wet season cycle affects our offshore and river fish species, all the while tangling with some impressive fish.

Fraser Island Pelagics & Bass on Fly

Nige hunts down some offshore aggressors and helps one lucky angler catch a fish they've always dreamed of. The show then heads south to do it all again, attempting to fly fish out of a kayak as we chase wild bass with Shannon Kitchener.

3 Rivers, 3 Fish, 3 Days

Nige Webster heads to the Queensland tropics to catch 3 fish in 3 days as he chases some freshwater apex predators, and learns the importance they play in our waterways.

Bass Challenge & Snapper Hunting

Nige Webster visits Lake Sampsonvale to help catch and gather data on the stocked bass in the lake. Then, Nige chases Australian snapper and explores their hunting habits and the behaviours of bait fish while discovering more about these awesome predatory fish.

4WD Fishing the Fitzroy

In the second stage of their offroad adventure, Nige and Jason hit the waters to the north of rockhampton. The temperaterures rise and so does the difficulty level as everything seems to go wrong.

4WD Fishing Byfield National Park

After fitting a car and building a boat, Nige and Jason Medcalf head in search of a fishing destination they've only ever seen on a map. They are soon put to the test as very little goes to plan.

Cool Water Tactics – Barra to Trout

Nige targets cold water barramundi in QLDs Burdekin River and Bill experiences a new perspective on fishing with Phil Smallman before searching for trout in the creeks and streams close to Melbourne.

Bynoe Harbour & Bowling Green Bay

Nige investigates the health of some of our prominent estuary and bay waters, starting with a shallow water flats mission in the NT then it's off to fish one of the tributary systems near Townsville.

Windamere Classic

Nige Webster & Steve Booth join some hardcore tournament anglers and get to test their skill against one of our native freshwater species.

Fitzroy Rockhamton Barra

Nige heads to Rockhampton in central QLD to help an angler catch his dream fish on the Fitzroy River, a place with a fabulous reputation for great fish numbers.

Corroboree & Warrnambool

Nige & Leila Carrick explore an ancient landscape in search of prehistoric fish. Then Bill investigates a fisheries project that offers anglers year-round trout fishing options.


Nige Travels to the NT in the dry season to sample barramundi fishing across very different environments: the billabongs of Kakadu National Park, the harbor around Darwin and an artificial waterway.


Nige heads to the tropics in search of a bucket list capture of holy grail proportions. The aim: to catch permit on fly fishing gear, which could prove to be the hardest mission he has ever attempted.

Mustad & Breakaway Barra

Nige heads to the Sunshine Coast with cameraman Dave Leonard to see how he will go with a fishing rod in his hands. Then Bill Classon investigates rumors of a new breed of Barramundi in the N.T.

Cape York Billabong

Nige treks into the northern wilderness of Cape York in search of a hidden billabong that promises some untouched fishing.

West Coast Cape York

Nige Hooks up with a couple of anglers on a journey down the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula, surviving off what they can catch while trying not to be eaten by the local and aggressive wildlife.

Kenn Reef Pt.2

Nige joins forces with Greg Lamprecht to travel 500 miles off shore and fish around an extinct volcano then head in search of an old shipwreck.

Kenn Reef Pt.1

Nige Webster & Troy Dixon search of a remote seamount, 300 nautical miles off shore in a reef that is reputed to be home to monster fish.

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