Trophy Waters Volume 4


This two hour production is divided into five parts. It features four days of magnificent catch & release trout fishing on three different streams and a days fly-fishing on still waters. Bruce Masson the producer shares with us some of his observations on how pressured trout behave and offers suggestions how to catch some of those big ones. The visuals are extremely informative and will answer many of those frequently asked questions, “What did I do wrong”?

Trophy Waters Volume 42019-04-12T06:08:35+10:00

Trophy Waters Volume 1


New Zealand trout fishing at its very best, featuring three unforgettable days of fly fishing for huge trout in two South Island rivers.

Trophy Waters Volume 12019-04-12T06:08:20+10:00

Trophy Waters Volume 2


This 118 minute production will be enjoyed by both learners and experienced anglers alike. It features plenty of brown and rainbow trout being hooked, landed and released using a variety of flies, in some of the most magnificent scenery in the world.

Trophy Waters Volume 22019-04-12T06:08:26+10:00

Trophy Waters Volume 3


Once again this 120 minute production will entertain both novice and accomplished anglers. Each days fishing is different with several varieties of nymphs, spent spinners and dry fly patters used to entice some wonderful trout. Over the five days plenty of trout are hooked, landed and released in some of the most magnificent backcountry scenery in the world.

Trophy Waters Volume 32019-04-12T06:08:31+10:00

Trophy Waters Volume 5


This is New Zealand trout fishing at its very best. Join the ladies for 102 minutes of entertainment and education as you experience their exhilaration and despair as they tackle 3 very different south Island rivers.

Trophy Waters Volume 52019-04-12T06:08:40+10:00

Trophy Waters Volume 6


Join Bruce and his companions in this 120 minute production as they experience the challenges of four very different rivers in New Zealand’s South Island.

Trophy Waters Volume 62019-04-12T06:08:44+10:00

Trophy Waters Volume 7


Features Robbie McPhee fishing in late December on one of New Zealand’s finest South Island east coast rivers. A truly beautiful river holding stunning trout.

Trophy Waters Volume 72019-04-12T06:08:49+10:00
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