Pelagic Fishing Tactics


The Sport Fish DVD crew have spent the past two years chasing and filming the capture of pelagic fish around Australia. We have caught a huge variety of fish in many exciting ways and the best techniques have been compiled into this action packed DVD. A selection of top-class anglers will take you through all you need to know about catching pelagics such as tailor, kingfish, tuna, mackerel, dolphin fish and marlin. Lure and bait fishing techniques are covered, as is targeting inshore bay fish to our larger offshore speedsters. If you are an accomplished angler looking for something different, or are new to the sport of catching pelagics, then there is definitely something in here for you.

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Tuna Tactics: Bluefin


Join Lee Rayner, Adam Royter and Morné Muller as they take us through Southern Bluefin Tuna Tactics. With extensive experience as presenters at exhibitions, TV shows and DVDs, Lee and Adam are both highly entertaining and skilled teachers as they pass on their considerable experience and knowledge. From trolling to casting, learn a variety of tips and tactics including how to rig your lines, what lures to use and how to arrange them for maximum results. You’ll see first hand how these tactics reel in southern bluefin tuna with ultimate precision. Watch the boys fight these big, tough fish that are built for pace and mobility. With your newly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm it’s time to share that experience.

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