Trailer Boat Handling Basics


Boating is a popular pastime for many of us; however, there is much to know to ensure your boating remains safe, easy and enjoyable. This information is acquired through many hours on the water. Australian Boating College guru Jim Sharpe is a veteran when it comes to training everyday “boaties”. He is a professional diver and skipper and uses his personable style to quickly and simply explain the key points of trailer boat operation and maintenance. Boat Handling Basics covers everything from rope splicing to anchor selection and will be a handy reference for all levels of trailer boat skipper.

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Boating Basics


First time boaters are sometimes daunted by the prospect of what lays before them, both in the physical dimensions of their new craft and the 'unknown'. The 'unknown' encompasses all of those things that cannot glean from the boat salesman, from other boaters by word of mouth or from the many books available on boating and may only be learnt, in many cases, by experience on the water. Boating Basics is intended to circumvent much of the time and effort that will be taken up attempting to learn the many skills for safe, economical and practical boating. There can be no substitute for experience on the water but this program should help you attain your end result sooner rather than later.

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