Advanced Snapper Tactics – Free Preview


The chunky reef systems of the northern NSW coastline, the offshore waters of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, the deep waters off Moreton and Stradbroke Islands and the shallows of Moreton Bay all produce great snapper fishing every year. Today there are a variety of great techniques used to catch these well sought after fish. If you want to know more about catching our northern snapper on deep and shallow water soft plastics, hardbody lures, jigs, live and dead baits as well as the science behind snapper and some of the sneaky secrets the experts use to catch their fish – then you must watch this production!

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Pelagic Fishing Tactics


The Sport Fish DVD crew have spent the past two years chasing and filming the capture of pelagic fish around Australia. We have caught a huge variety of fish in many exciting ways and the best techniques have been compiled into this action packed DVD. A selection of top-class anglers will take you through all you need to know about catching pelagics such as tailor, kingfish, tuna, mackerel, dolphin fish and marlin. Lure and bait fishing techniques are covered, as is targeting inshore bay fish to our larger offshore speedsters. If you are an accomplished angler looking for something different, or are new to the sport of catching pelagics, then there is definitely something in here for you.

Pelagic Fishing Tactics2019-06-07T04:43:05+10:00

Barra Tactics


Join Kane Dysart and Bill Classon on the Daly River in the Northern Territory as they cover barramundi tactics, tackle and lures. Kane has extensive barra fishing experience having been a fishing guide, managed a tackle shop in Darwin and he is now a trained fisheries scientist. In this terrific instructional DVD Kane demonstrates trolling techniques, casting, lures and a piece on bait—with some great barra action.

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Snapper Fishing Tactics


Lee Rayner runs through all the techniques required to catch a snapper in our bays and estuaries. Along the way he catches snapper on bait during the height of the snapper season on Port Phillip Bay. Learn step by step on how to rig for snapper, what are the best baits as well as when and where to fish. He also demonstrates correct anchoring techniques, how to read your sounder, boat fitout and all the little things that will increase your catch rate. He then embarks on some pinkie/rugger action on soft plastics and proves that snapper action continues during winter.

Snapper Fishing Tactics2020-10-14T03:03:47+11:00

Herbert River Gorge Kayak Adventure


Join Jason Medcalf and friends on a kayak fishing adventure of a lifetime. The boys are flown into the remote Herbert River Gorge in far North Queensland by helicopter with ‘yaks in tow; the plan is to make their’ own way out and do a little fishing on the way. The gorge is home to an abundance of wildlife and the river is filled with sooty grunter, barramundi and is also home to the North’s apex predator: the crocodile. The venture is fully filmed by Jason and the kayak crew and shows us how to enjoy and survive that trip we have all dreamed of.

Herbert River Gorge Kayak Adventure2019-02-20T04:41:54+11:00

Soft Plastics Tactics


Join Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling on the waters of a southern estuary and learn all the basics of productive soft plastic fishing from one of the guys who helped to put these lures on the angling map here in Australia. Find out how Starlo chooses, rigs, presents and works his soft plastics for optimum results on a wide range of species in ALL Aussie angling environments; from tiny freshwater streams to the continental shelf and beyond!

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Barra Tactics 3: Big Wild Barra


Barra over a metre long are hard to catch and are a benchmark for all keen barra anglers. Even many ‘local’ and knowledgeable fishers are yet to catch a metre barra. So the last thing you want to do is lose the trophy of a lifetime when you get it on the line. Mark and Kane can stack the odds in your favour! Mark Parkinson, a keen angler and barra guide who has specialised in chasing big barra, and Kane Dysart, who has fished for barra all his life and has been involved in the industry as a guide, retailer and a professional fisherman, have the knowledge and experience to make you a better barra fisher. Together they will take you through their ideas, experiences and explain tactics and approaches to catch big barra. This DVD is essential if you want to know where, when and how to hook and land that Big Wild Barra of a lifetime!

Barra Tactics 3: Big Wild Barra2019-02-20T04:12:31+11:00

Tropical Estuaries Tactics


Filmed on location at Hinchinbrook Island, Jason Medcalf outlines all the tactics required to catch a myriad of sport fish in our northern estuaries. Jason clearly explains the technique of using a lure then takes you out on the water and demonstrates his explained technique with that particular lure to catch fish. Along the way he catches a huge variety of tropical species including barra, mangrove jack, trevally, tarpon, grunter, flathead, bream and tells exactly which lures and what techniques are best for each fish. Plus he explains all you need to know on rods, reels, accessories, boats and more when chasing these species.

Tropical Estuaries Tactics2019-02-20T04:46:15+11:00

East Coast Estuaries Tactics


Southern Queensland and northern NSW estuaries have a significant overlap of temperate and tropical fish species and the tactics for catching each can vary. Nigel Webster and Andy Phipps demonstrate the lures and techniques needed to catch these species which includes flathead, tailor, bream, trevally and tarpon. Plus they supply plenty of tips that will turn a good day fishing into a great day.

East Coast Estuaries Tactics2019-02-20T04:38:23+11:00

Upper Murray Spinnerbaiting Tactics


Bill Classon joins Lenny Vanderwaal and local expert Dougy Blair to fish the pristine waters of the Upper Murray River for Murray cod. Together they explain how to do it, where to go and the best spinnerbaiting tactics for fishing the river from a drifting boat. They explore the waters around Tintaldra, Walwa, Jingellic and Towong as well as experience some exciting tributary and back water action. One of the most exciting new freshwater fisheries to come on-line for a long while!

Upper Murray Spinnerbaiting Tactics2020-03-10T05:40:22+11:00

Estuary Bream’n


Tim Morgan and Nigel Webster have been two of our more consistent bream tournament pro anglers over the past seven years. These two good mates take the opportunity to jump into the same boat and share some of their hard earned bream lure fishing secrets with each other and you! Their quest for some quality yellowfin bream has them catching fish using some of the latest techniques that include surface luring, deep and shallow crankbaiting, soft plastics fishing and targeting fish on blades. Join them for an entertaining time on the water and learn all about the popular art of luring bream. If you want to know more about catching these great sport fish then you can’t afford to miss this one!

Estuary Bream’n2019-02-20T04:38:58+11:00

Advanced Snapper Tactics


The chunky reef systems of the northern NSW coastline, the offshore waters of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, the deep waters off Moreton and Stradbroke Islands and the shallows of Moreton Bay all produce great snapper fishing every year. Today there are a variety of great techniques used to catch these well sought after fish. If you want to know more about catching our northern snapper on deep and shallow water soft plastics, hardbody lures, jigs, live and dead baits as well as the science behind snapper and some of the sneaky secrets the experts use to catch their fish – then you must watch this production!

Advanced Snapper Tactics2019-06-07T04:41:06+10:00

Baiting Snapper Tactics


Kelvin Bertacchini has been fishing for snapper for most of his life. Now a successful Charter Boat skipper with Online Fishing Charters, he either fishes Port Phillip Bay or Western Port for most of the snapper season. In this DVD he shows exactly what the best snapper rigs are for Port Phillip Bay and how to hook your bait to get a guaranteed hookup everytime. He covers what hooks to use, leaders and best knots. Along the way there is plenty of snapper catching action as well as some stunning and unique winter and summer snapper footage. Everything you need to know on how to rig your baits and catch snapper!

Baiting Snapper Tactics2019-06-07T04:41:52+10:00

Fly Fishing Tactics


Join one of Australia’s most respected fly fishing instructors, writers and editors Philip Weigall as he helps you to become a better flyfisher. From beginner to expert, there’s something here for everyone as Philip takes us on a journey along Australia’s trout streams and lakes to offer his insights into what works—and what doesn’t. Everything from equipment, fly choice and presentation, through to reading streams and lakes, is covered in a way that simply makes sense.

Fly Fishing Tactics2019-02-20T04:40:07+11:00

Saltwater Soft Plastics Tactics


Join Nigel Webster and Bill Classon to learn some of the latest innovative soft plastic tactics and techniques for a variety of inshore and offshore species. From deep water soft plastic tactics in 50 metres of water to exciting surface plastic action and the more subtle suspending bream technique. There is no one more knowledgeable than Nigel ­— a top ranking BREAM Tournament angler, soft plastic specialist and national fishing journalist.

Saltwater Soft Plastics Tactics2019-02-20T04:44:43+11:00

Surf Fishing Tactics


Join Bill Classon, Lenny Vanderwaal and Shane Mensforth as they take us through surf fishing tactics for around Australia. Bill and Shane both work on the popular Sport Fishing magazine and Lenny has fished the surf for all of his fishing life. Learn the rigs, techniques, reading the beach and all the aspects of surf fishing. There’s some amazing footage of big southern salmon from famous beaches like Almonta and Convention to the popular sand of Venus Bay near Melbourne. There’s even some fantastic footage of big snapper from the surf! With your newly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm it’s time to get on the beach and catch a few as well.

Surf Fishing Tactics2019-02-20T04:45:50+11:00

Essential Whiting Tactics


Lee Rayner shows us the techniques of fishing for whiting in the beautiful and varied waters of Western Port in Victoria. Lee’s experience on TV shows with Rex Hunt and as a contributor to many fishing magazines including Sport Fishing Australia makes him easy and entertaining to listen to. Learn step by step how to rig lines, what types of rods and reels to use, what baits to use and how to present them, as well as a host of tips, tricks and technical know-how that Lee has learned over the years. Then fillet your fish and enjoy your catch to the fullest.

Essential Whiting Tactics2019-02-20T04:38:40+11:00

Flathead Tactics


Join Nigel Webster, Steve “The Wizard” Wilson and Andrew “Zig” Grzegozewski in their quest for the magic metre flathead. Centred around the Gold Coast Flathead Classic, they explain approach, lure types, rigging, techniques and tactics required to help you get on the water and catch one of our most popular fish on artificials. In the quest for the metre flathead, they tangle with some quality fish, including varied and impressive by-catch!

Flathead Tactics2019-02-20T04:39:53+11:00

Trout Trolling Tactics


Trolling is one of the most productive and challenging methods of catching freshwater fish. This DVD is aimed at the trolling angler who wants to turn time spent travelling on a lake into time catching fish. Filmed on some of Australia’s most productive mainland trout lakes this DVD shows you everything from boat set-up, gear selection—including rods, reels, line and lures, locating and catching fish, and flatline, leadline and snapweight techniques to ensure that you will catch fish. And as inspiration, there are some great scenery and fish action shots. Trout Trolling is aimed at the angler who wants to increase the number and size of fish caught, and have a more productive time on the water.

Trout Trolling Tactics2019-02-20T04:46:47+11:00

Murray Cod Tactics


Relax and enjoy the scenery as Rod ‘Harro’ Harrison and Bill Classon take you through the ins and outs of how to catch Murray cod on one of Australia’s most famous and productive cod lakes, the beautiful Mulwala on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. From decades of experience on the water chasing and catching cod, Harro and Bill offer you a veritable gift shop of tips, tactics and technical know-how including setting up your boat, locating fish, looking for the best snags, lure selection, trolling tactics, lure casting tips and more. Harro’s classic, easy-going style, is easy to listen to and learn from, ensuring your next cod outing is more productive.

Murray Cod Tactics2019-02-20T04:42:39+11:00

Advanced Trout Trolling Tactics


Trolling is one of the most productive and challenging methods of catching freshwater fish. This DVD is aimed at the trolling angler who wants to turn time spent travelling on a lake into time catching fish. Filmed on some of Australia’s most productive mainland trout lakes this production shows you everything from boat set-up, gear selection including rods, reels, line and lures, locating and catching fish, and some techniques to ensure that you will catch fish.

Advanced Trout Trolling Tactics2019-02-20T04:09:58+11:00

Snapper Tactics 2: Big Snapper


Join Shane Mensforth and skipper Grant ‘Fuzzell’ Fennell as they fish one of the hottest snapper bites in Australia’s history. Opening Day 2008 off Arno Bay. Shane has been shapper fishing in South Australia all his life and outlines tactics, baits and gear that culminates in his first thirty pounder! Exciting action in Australia’s hottest new snapper location.

Snapper Tactics 2: Big Snapper2019-02-20T04:45:00+11:00

Tuna Tactics: Bluefin


Join Lee Rayner, Adam Royter and Morné Muller as they take us through Southern Bluefin Tuna Tactics. With extensive experience as presenters at exhibitions, TV shows and DVDs, Lee and Adam are both highly entertaining and skilled teachers as they pass on their considerable experience and knowledge. From trolling to casting, learn a variety of tips and tactics including how to rig your lines, what lures to use and how to arrange them for maximum results. You’ll see first hand how these tactics reel in southern bluefin tuna with ultimate precision. Watch the boys fight these big, tough fish that are built for pace and mobility. With your newly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm it’s time to share that experience.

Tuna Tactics: Bluefin2020-03-10T05:40:45+11:00

Golden Perch Tactics


Golden Perch Tactics is set on one of Australia’s largest impoundments – Lake Eildon – where Bill Classon from Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine takes you through all the strategies for catching one of Australia’s premier native freshwater sportfish – golden perch. Bill will show you how to find structure and other areas where goldens are to be found. Learn the various lure fishing tactics from a shore-based and boat perspective including casting and retrieving, and trolling including lure colours and types, soft plastics, scent attractants and bait as well as plenty of the top techniques for native fish in lakes and dams across Australia. Running for forty-five minutes, it has plenty of instruction, plenty of action and lots of fish – including a couple of unexpected captures! Learn the secrets to catching golden perch and a brief history of the beautiful Lake Eildon itself.

Golden Perch Tactics2019-02-20T04:41:43+11:00

Barra Tactics 2: Dam Barra


Join fishing journalists and barramundi tournament anglers, Nigel Webster and Jason Medcalf in one of AFN’s most striking DVDs yet as they outline the latest soft plastics techniques for our huge impoundment barra. Enjoy some of the most eye opening, metre plus barramundi action ever, combined with a detailed explanation of some of the hottest tactics currently being used to catch these ever more lure-wary trophies. Both Jason and Nigel have fished Lake Awoonga for years, they have watched and experienced the fishery explode and have been at the forefront in developing techniques that produce the fish. Get set for action - Get set for Barra Tactics 2!

Barra Tactics 2: Dam Barra2020-03-10T05:27:39+11:00

Soft Plastics Trout Tactics


Catching trout on soft plastics is one of the most effective ways to hook and land what is one of our most popular freshwater species. Join one of Australia’s leading freshwater journalists and anglers, Andrew McGovern, as he covers many aspects of using soft plastics for trout. Andrew will demonstrate the different styles of retrieval, explain the importance of jig head weights and outline different lure types all while engaging with some beautiful brown trout.

Soft Plastics Trout Tactics2019-02-20T04:45:24+11:00

Trout Tactics


Join Steve Williamson from Lake Jindabyne Fishing Adventures, Lenny Vanderwaal, David Bessell, Bill Classon and Jeff Hohenhaus as they show you how to catch trout on Lake Jindabyne, one of Australia’s most consistent and productive trout lakes.

Trout Tactics2019-02-20T04:46:27+11:00

Reef Fishing Tactics


Our presenters take you through a selection of techniques that include bay style snapper fishing, fishing hard and soft lures as well as baits on the offshore reefs. If you love reef fishing, this is the video for you.

Reef Fishing Tactics2019-02-20T04:43:49+11:00

Light Trolling Marlin Tactics


The past few seasons along the East coast have provided awesome inshore fishing action for the likes of small black marlin, wahoo, dolphinfish and tuna. Join the AFN crew as they hook up with Skipper Roderick Walmsley and learn his tried and proven methods for tangling with light line gamefish.

Light Trolling Marlin Tactics2019-06-07T04:42:30+10:00

Luring Lake Trout Tactics


Trout luring has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. The Sport Fish DVD crew documented these leading lure techniques. A must watch for those who want to add another dimension to their trout lure fishing.

Luring Lake Trout Tactics2019-06-07T04:42:38+10:00

Beach Fishing Tactics


Andrew McGovern has been fishing Australian beaches for over 30 years. Andrew explains different rigs, how to bait up, how and where to cast, light tackle tips, reading a beach, tackle storage tips and even cleaning & protecting your gear from the sand.

Beach Fishing Tactics2019-02-20T04:13:00+11:00

Extreme Jigging Techniques


Learn techniques for deep water jigging for kings and samson fish and other species and along the way see some great fish caught on the remote reefs out of Port Lincoln. Join us on a trip of a lifetime, when one day alone 134 kings and samsons were caught!

Extreme Jigging Techniques2019-02-20T04:39:31+11:00

Black n Yellowfin Bream Tactics


Join Andrew McGovern and Stuart Hindson, from Aussie Fish Estuary Adventures, to learn how to use blades, hard bodies and soft plastics on this challenging and sometimes wily, species. Covers the key principles behind catching bream.

Black n Yellowfin Bream Tactics2019-02-20T04:13:30+11:00

Port Philip Bay Tactics


This informative video covers all regions of PPB and species that reside there. Join Bill Classon and crew as they teach you how to catch fish in all areas of the bay using sound techniques and knowledge.

Port Philip Bay Tactics2019-02-20T04:43:26+11:00

Big Fish Estuary Tactics


Catching a big fish of any species has to be every anglers dream! Join two big fish estuary experts in Andrew McGovern and Stuart Hindson as they set out to tame the giants of our estuaries on lures.

Big Fish Estuary Tactics2019-02-20T04:13:15+11:00

Estuary Flathead Tactics


Jam packed with information, this video has something for everyone. Join fishing journalists Andrew McGovern and Stuart Hindson as they pursue one of Australia’s most popular recreational species on soft plastics and blades.

Estuary Flathead Tactics2019-02-20T04:39:11+11:00

Squid Tactics


Join squid expert Adam Royter as he explains everything an angler needs to know about squidding. Adam covers all the basic techniques and explains some of the more advanced methods learnt from the highly influential Japanese egi phenomenon.

Squid Tactics2019-02-20T04:45:34+11:00
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