Barra Tactics


Join Kane Dysart and Bill Classon on the Daly River in the Northern Territory as they cover barramundi tactics, tackle and lures. Kane has extensive barra fishing experience having been a fishing guide, managed a tackle shop in Darwin and he is now a trained fisheries scientist. In this terrific instructional DVD Kane demonstrates trolling techniques, casting, lures and a piece on bait—with some great barra action.

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Soft Plastics Tactics


Join Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling on the waters of a southern estuary and learn all the basics of productive soft plastic fishing from one of the guys who helped to put these lures on the angling map here in Australia. Find out how Starlo chooses, rigs, presents and works his soft plastics for optimum results on a wide range of species in ALL Aussie angling environments; from tiny freshwater streams to the continental shelf and beyond!

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Tropical Estuaries Tactics


Filmed on location at Hinchinbrook Island, Jason Medcalf outlines all the tactics required to catch a myriad of sport fish in our northern estuaries. Jason clearly explains the technique of using a lure then takes you out on the water and demonstrates his explained technique with that particular lure to catch fish. Along the way he catches a huge variety of tropical species including barra, mangrove jack, trevally, tarpon, grunter, flathead, bream and tells exactly which lures and what techniques are best for each fish. Plus he explains all you need to know on rods, reels, accessories, boats and more when chasing these species.

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East Coast Estuaries Tactics


Southern Queensland and northern NSW estuaries have a significant overlap of temperate and tropical fish species and the tactics for catching each can vary. Nigel Webster and Andy Phipps demonstrate the lures and techniques needed to catch these species which includes flathead, tailor, bream, trevally and tarpon. Plus they supply plenty of tips that will turn a good day fishing into a great day.

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Estuary Bream’n


Tim Morgan and Nigel Webster have been two of our more consistent bream tournament pro anglers over the past seven years. These two good mates take the opportunity to jump into the same boat and share some of their hard earned bream lure fishing secrets with each other and you! Their quest for some quality yellowfin bream has them catching fish using some of the latest techniques that include surface luring, deep and shallow crankbaiting, soft plastics fishing and targeting fish on blades. Join them for an entertaining time on the water and learn all about the popular art of luring bream. If you want to know more about catching these great sport fish then you can’t afford to miss this one!

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Black n Yellowfin Bream Tactics


Join Andrew McGovern and Stuart Hindson, from Aussie Fish Estuary Adventures, to learn how to use blades, hard bodies and soft plastics on this challenging and sometimes wily, species. Covers the key principles behind catching bream.

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Big Fish Estuary Tactics


Catching a big fish of any species has to be every anglers dream! Join two big fish estuary experts in Andrew McGovern and Stuart Hindson as they set out to tame the giants of our estuaries on lures.

Big Fish Estuary Tactics2019-02-20T04:13:15+11:00

Estuary Flathead Tactics


Jam packed with information, this video has something for everyone. Join fishing journalists Andrew McGovern and Stuart Hindson as they pursue one of Australia’s most popular recreational species on soft plastics and blades.

Estuary Flathead Tactics2019-02-20T04:39:11+11:00
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