Snapper Fishing Tactics


Lee Rayner runs through all the techniques required to catch a snapper in our bays and estuaries. Along the way he catches snapper on bait during the height of the snapper season on Port Phillip Bay. Learn step by step on how to rig for snapper, what are the best baits as well as when and where to fish. He also demonstrates correct anchoring techniques, how to read your sounder, boat fitout and all the little things that will increase your catch rate. He then embarks on some pinkie/rugger action on soft plastics and proves that snapper action continues during winter.

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Barra Tactics 3: Big Wild Barra


Barra over a metre long are hard to catch and are a benchmark for all keen barra anglers. Even many ‘local’ and knowledgeable fishers are yet to catch a metre barra. So the last thing you want to do is lose the trophy of a lifetime when you get it on the line. Mark and Kane can stack the odds in your favour! Mark Parkinson, a keen angler and barra guide who has specialised in chasing big barra, and Kane Dysart, who has fished for barra all his life and has been involved in the industry as a guide, retailer and a professional fisherman, have the knowledge and experience to make you a better barra fisher. Together they will take you through their ideas, experiences and explain tactics and approaches to catch big barra. This DVD is essential if you want to know where, when and how to hook and land that Big Wild Barra of a lifetime!

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Baiting Snapper Tactics


Kelvin Bertacchini has been fishing for snapper for most of his life. Now a successful Charter Boat skipper with Online Fishing Charters, he either fishes Port Phillip Bay or Western Port for most of the snapper season. In this DVD he shows exactly what the best snapper rigs are for Port Phillip Bay and how to hook your bait to get a guaranteed hookup everytime. He covers what hooks to use, leaders and best knots. Along the way there is plenty of snapper catching action as well as some stunning and unique winter and summer snapper footage. Everything you need to know on how to rig your baits and catch snapper!

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Flathead Tactics


Join Nigel Webster, Steve “The Wizard” Wilson and Andrew “Zig” Grzegozewski in their quest for the magic metre flathead. Centred around the Gold Coast Flathead Classic, they explain approach, lure types, rigging, techniques and tactics required to help you get on the water and catch one of our most popular fish on artificials. In the quest for the metre flathead, they tangle with some quality fish, including varied and impressive by-catch!

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Essential Whiting Tactics


Lee Rayner shows us the techniques of fishing for whiting in the beautiful and varied waters of Western Port in Victoria. Lee’s experience on TV shows with Rex Hunt and as a contributor to many fishing magazines including Sport Fishing Australia makes him easy and entertaining to listen to. Learn step by step how to rig lines, what types of rods and reels to use, what baits to use and how to present them, as well as a host of tips, tricks and technical know-how that Lee has learned over the years. Then fillet your fish and enjoy your catch to the fullest.

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Saltwater Soft Plastics Tactics


Join Nigel Webster and Bill Classon to learn some of the latest innovative soft plastic tactics and techniques for a variety of inshore and offshore species. From deep water soft plastic tactics in 50 metres of water to exciting surface plastic action and the more subtle suspending bream technique. There is no one more knowledgeable than Nigel ­— a top ranking BREAM Tournament angler, soft plastic specialist and national fishing journalist.

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Port Philip Bay Tactics


This informative video covers all regions of PPB and species that reside there. Join Bill Classon and crew as they teach you how to catch fish in all areas of the bay using sound techniques and knowledge.

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Squid Tactics


Join squid expert Adam Royter as he explains everything an angler needs to know about squidding. Adam covers all the basic techniques and explains some of the more advanced methods learnt from the highly influential Japanese egi phenomenon.

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