Barra Tactics


Join Kane Dysart and Bill Classon on the Daly River in the Northern Territory as they cover barramundi tactics, tackle and lures. Kane has extensive barra fishing experience having been a fishing guide, managed a tackle shop in Darwin and he is now a trained fisheries scientist. In this terrific instructional DVD Kane demonstrates trolling techniques, casting, lures and a piece on bait—with some great barra action.

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Barra Tactics 3: Big Wild Barra


Barra over a metre long are hard to catch and are a benchmark for all keen barra anglers. Even many ‘local’ and knowledgeable fishers are yet to catch a metre barra. So the last thing you want to do is lose the trophy of a lifetime when you get it on the line. Mark and Kane can stack the odds in your favour! Mark Parkinson, a keen angler and barra guide who has specialised in chasing big barra, and Kane Dysart, who has fished for barra all his life and has been involved in the industry as a guide, retailer and a professional fisherman, have the knowledge and experience to make you a better barra fisher. Together they will take you through their ideas, experiences and explain tactics and approaches to catch big barra. This DVD is essential if you want to know where, when and how to hook and land that Big Wild Barra of a lifetime!

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Tropical Estuaries Tactics


Filmed on location at Hinchinbrook Island, Jason Medcalf outlines all the tactics required to catch a myriad of sport fish in our northern estuaries. Jason clearly explains the technique of using a lure then takes you out on the water and demonstrates his explained technique with that particular lure to catch fish. Along the way he catches a huge variety of tropical species including barra, mangrove jack, trevally, tarpon, grunter, flathead, bream and tells exactly which lures and what techniques are best for each fish. Plus he explains all you need to know on rods, reels, accessories, boats and more when chasing these species.

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Herbert River Gorge Kayak Adventure


Join Jason Medcalf and friends on a kayak fishing adventure of a lifetime. The boys are flown into the remote Herbert River Gorge in far North Queensland by helicopter with ‘yaks in tow; the plan is to make their’ own way out and do a little fishing on the way. The gorge is home to an abundance of wildlife and the river is filled with sooty grunter, barramundi and is also home to the North’s apex predator: the crocodile. The venture is fully filmed by Jason and the kayak crew and shows us how to enjoy and survive that trip we have all dreamed of.

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Barra Tactics 2: Dam Barra


Join fishing journalists and barramundi tournament anglers, Nigel Webster and Jason Medcalf in one of AFN’s most striking DVDs yet as they outline the latest soft plastics techniques for our huge impoundment barra. Enjoy some of the most eye opening, metre plus barramundi action ever, combined with a detailed explanation of some of the hottest tactics currently being used to catch these ever more lure-wary trophies. Both Jason and Nigel have fished Lake Awoonga for years, they have watched and experienced the fishery explode and have been at the forefront in developing techniques that produce the fish. Get set for action - Get set for Barra Tactics 2!

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