Surf Fishing Tactics


Join Bill Classon, Lenny Vanderwaal and Shane Mensforth as they take us through surf fishing tactics for around Australia. Bill and Shane both work on the popular Sport Fishing magazine and Lenny has fished the surf for all of his fishing life. Learn the rigs, techniques, reading the beach and all the aspects of surf fishing. There’s some amazing footage of big southern salmon from famous beaches like Almonta and Convention to the popular sand of Venus Bay near Melbourne. There’s even some fantastic footage of big snapper from the surf! With your newly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm it’s time to get on the beach and catch a few as well.

Surf Fishing Tactics2019-02-20T04:45:50+11:00

Beach Fishing Tactics


Andrew McGovern has been fishing Australian beaches for over 30 years. Andrew explains different rigs, how to bait up, how and where to cast, light tackle tips, reading a beach, tackle storage tips and even cleaning & protecting your gear from the sand.

Beach Fishing Tactics2019-02-20T04:13:00+11:00
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