Himalayan Tahr – New Zealands Mountain Monarchs


Himalayan Tahr in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. A stunning Wildlife Documentary showcasing the lives of these highly regarded, but rarely seen, alpine animals. We follow Tahr through the seasons, highlighting behaviour during the RUT when the mature Bulls compete for the rights to mate with the females.

Himalayan Tahr – New Zealands Mountain Monarchs2019-04-12T06:01:21+10:00

Flashing Antlers


In this film we are hunting for rutting Fallow Bucks in the magnificent Otago High Country and roaring Red Stags in the Fiordland bush. Two very different styles of New Zealand hunting, and two very different species. Fallow Bucks can be spotted with binoculars from a distance, and a stalk attempted. Filming Red Stags in the Fiordland bush I knew, would be very challenging. This was 'Kiwi Style, bush hunting' - up close and personal. It doesn't get any more exciting - especially in the ROAR.

Flashing Antlers2019-04-12T05:59:11+10:00

New Zealand’s Fiordland Moose


Do North American Moose continue to survive in a remote Southwest corner of Fiordland New Zealand? YES! New Zealand Wildlife Trust Biologist Ken Tustin's unravels one of NZ's most enduring wilderness mysteries. This NZ documentary takes a comprehensive look at the History of NZ Moose from their release in 1910 to the present day. It will leave you in no doubt about the existence of Moose in Fiordland today!

New Zealand’s Fiordland Moose2019-04-12T06:04:12+10:00

Stealth with a Fly


Filmed among some of New Zealand's most stunning wilderness waters, acclaimed NZ Fishing Guide Deal Bell returns in 'Stealth with a Fly', to address in detail the most common issues fly anglers face when trout fishing. 'Stealth with a Fly' is for the fly fisherman seeking insight into converting angling opportunity into greater angling success.

Stealth with a Fly2019-04-12T06:07:16+10:00

The Dead Drift


Join Dean Bell (Blue Ribbon Wilderness Guide) as he embarks on a fly-fishing adventure to catch large brown and rainbow trout in the wilderness waters of Fiordland on the South Island of New Zealand.

The Dead Drift2019-04-12T06:07:49+10:00

New Zealand Trophy Hunting


Hunting for Red Stags and Himalayan Tahr from high on the tops in the wilderness of Fiordland in New Zealand's South Island and down to the slippery banks of the Rakaia River. American bow hunter Rick goes on a guided hunting safari.

New Zealand Trophy Hunting2019-04-12T06:04:01+10:00
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