Fitzroy Barra


Paddletail soft plastic lures rolled across rock bars will always tempt local barra - watch to see how!

Fitzroy Barra2019-02-20T05:07:15+11:00

Shallow Water Trout Trolling


Trolling for big trout in shallow water requires good technique. Bill Classon shows exactly how to catch some cracking Victorian shallow water trout.

Shallow Water Trout Trolling2019-02-20T05:32:08+11:00

Finessing Snapper on Softies


Fishing soft plastic lures on 20 to 30m deep NSW reef can produce some great snapper fishing. Learn how to drift and fish small plastics for better snapper catches.

Finessing Snapper on Softies2019-02-20T05:06:53+11:00
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