Melbourne Murray Cod


How to target Melbourne’s Murray cod on deep diving lures. Techniques on casting, retrieving deep diving lures in current, and when to best use this approach.

Melbourne Murray Cod2019-02-26T00:36:53+11:00

Patagonia Jurassic Trout


Patagonia has the reputation of hosting some of the biggest trout waters in the world. Join Bill and crew as they adventure into some very special territory.

Patagonia Jurassic Trout2019-02-20T05:27:49+11:00

Melbourne Trout


Backyard trout in the Melbourne 'burbs is not a myth. Join Bill as he explores some skinny water city trout options.

Melbourne Trout2019-02-20T05:23:09+11:00

Landbased Luderick


Estuary rockwalls are popular places to chase luderick. Learn how a simple holiday outfit, a bucket of weed and a float will help you catch plenty of these popular estaury favourites.

Landbased Luderick2019-02-26T00:36:29+11:00

Northern Trout


Join the crew targeting sizeable rainbow trout in skinny NSW highland waters. Good soft plastic lure techniques are a hit with these fish!

Northern Trout2019-02-20T05:25:52+11:00
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