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The fish rich waters of the Southern California can be some of the most productive fishing in the world. An established breeding ground and nursery for both mako and thresher sharks, these waters are also a home to a number of other hard fighting game fish. From yellowtail and white sea bass, to calicos, barracude, bonito and halibut, both the inshore coastal and island, as well as the offshore fishing here can be spectacular.

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A Tribute to Zane Grey


Few individuals have had as direct and as powerful an influence on the sport of fishing as did Zane Grey. Join us for the most spectacular archive fishing footage ever released, as we travel the South Pacific with Grey, in his pursuit to become the fist man to ever land a 1000 pound billfish on rod and reel. Thrill to epic battles with giant blacks and blues, strippers, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, tigers, threshers and even steelhead, with this unique and rare glimpse back in time, as we honour one of sportsfishing's all time greats, Pearl Zane Grey.

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Threshers Yak Style


Of all the places we've ever been, and of all the programs we've produced over the years, without question, this is one of the all time classics. Having been invited by a group of locals to fish threshers off the beach in Malibu, from their kayaks, I had no idea of what to expect. What happenened out there on the water was incomprehensible, as these guys went head to head with fish topping the 200 pound mark. It takes a unique, tough individual to even think about fishing the threshers from a yak. It isn't for everyone, but for the few it's an experience that will last a lifetime

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