A Tribute to Zane Grey


Few individuals have had as direct and as powerful an influence on the sport of fishing as did Zane Grey. Join us for the most spectacular archive fishing footage ever released, as we travel the South Pacific with Grey, in his pursuit to become the fist man to ever land a 1000 pound billfish on rod and reel. Thrill to epic battles with giant blacks and blues, strippers, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, tigers, threshers and even steelhead, with this unique and rare glimpse back in time, as we honour one of sportsfishing's all time greats, Pearl Zane Grey.

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Mixed Bag


The fish rich waters of the Southern California can be some of the most productive fishing in the world. An established breeding ground and nursery for both mako and thresher sharks, these waters are also a home to a number of other hard fighting game fish. From yellowtail and white sea bass, to calicos, barracude, bonito and halibut, both the inshore coastal and island, as well as the offshore fishing here can be spectacular.

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Mazatlan Billfish Classic


Join us for one of the most incredible offshore tournaments in history. The world-Class Mazatlan Billfish Classic, from the beautiful El Cid Marina & Resort in Mazatlan, Mexico, where some of the best teams in the world completed for the coveted top honors. Over 290 billfish were caught & released in just 3 days. Todd Mansur, skipper of The Boardroom, & Marc Higashi onboard Tiger Spirit, both provide valuable insights & tips into not only the importance of, and how to pre-fish tournaments, but why team chemistry & dynamics on board any boat competing at this level are critical to finishing in the money.

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Baja 9: WFO


Timing is everything and once in awhile you hit it just right. 135 billfish raised in 7 days. In the 20 years we've been filming down here, I've never seen it go off like this. This is as good as it gets. Non-stop action including the most exciting underwater footage ever shot as the marlin went off. Multiple fish in the pattern, fish up finning and tailing, it was simply a marlin stalker's dream trip come true.

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Baja 8: Wet Dreams


A seamless blend of action, tips and techniques including various methods of attaching wind-on leaders, using offset hooks, EALS and gyros. A comprehensive look into a few things that just might make a difference the next time you see a tailer or present a bait to a fish in the pattern. Filmed entirely off the beach at Hotel Palmas de Cortez, BCS, Mexico.

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Lake Barrett


An up close and personal look at fishing what many consider one of, if not, Southern California's best bass lake. Tips, tackle and techniques support this non-stop action!

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Fishing San Diego Bay


Join Doug Kern of Fisherman's Landing Tackle shop and Rick Maxa of Let's Talk Hook-up as they open up their bag of tricks on how they 'long line' the bay for bass and halibut.

Fishing San Diego Bay2019-02-21T00:34:59+11:00

Dove Island


Sitka, Alaska is world-renowned for its incredible halibut, salmon and ling cod fishing. Offering some of the most productive waters in the world, anglers have flocked here for centuries.

Dove Island2019-02-21T00:34:50+11:00

Baja: A Perfect 10


From heart stopping blue marlin, and big 100+ pound yellowfin being caught less than 50 yards off the lighthouse, you're going to love watching these young ladies battling not only their first billfish, but tackling tuna, jet skis, ATVs, scuba diving, and the swim up margarita bar with equal enthusiasm. Non-stop action, not only on the water, but on the beach as well. We're not calling this a perfect 10 for nothing!

Baja: A Perfect 102019-02-21T00:32:21+11:00

Big Boat Big Fish II


This program chronicles an epic long-range fishing expedition by a group of anglers aboard skipper Shawn Steward's boat Excel, who test their mettle against a vast school of massive yellowfin tuna in the Pacific. Featuring dramatic underwater footage of the feisty yellowfin -- some of which weigh in at 300 pounds -- this film reveals the hard work and exhilaration that are the hallmarks of West Coast-style stand-up fishing.

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Black Marlin Boulevard


Cabo Blanco Peru - no other spot could rival it back in 1954 and probably no place ever will. This DVD takes original 16mm colour film that has all been carefully cleaned, transferred and digitized, with unbelievable clarity and crispness, preserving forever an all time classic moment in time. Baseball great Ted Williams introduces us to the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club, before heading off the beach, making bait and doing battle with a black marlin weighing in at over 1200 pounds. S. Rip Farrington picks up the action where Ted leaves off with more spectacular footage showcasing this great fishery in all its grandeur. Cabo Blanco Peru, circa 1954 this is one you'll watch over and over again.

Black Marlin Boulevard2019-02-21T00:32:58+11:00

Liquid Safari


Free diver and underwater photographer, Kevin Scully, takes us on an incredible journey through the mysteries of the underwater worlds surrounding Southern California and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Reaching depths of over 70 feet, silently suspended, seamlessly blending into the kelps and environment to capture some of the most spectacular images of free-swimming fish ever shot. Over 35 species, including marlin and huge yellowfin, white sea bass and giant blacks, yellowtail, halibut and calicos.

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Big Boat Big Fish


The Revillagigedos Islands are home to the largest population of resident yellowfin tuna on earth. For over 40 years, men like Bill Poole have pioneered long-range fishing from San Diego, making the 1000 mile run south to challenge these giant tuna. Watch 80 wides getting spooled in less than 60 seconds... backups hitting the water...anglers diving into skiffs... and grown men being driven to their knees by the power and strength of these incredible fish. Films like The Ultimate Challenge and Deep Color have brought the excitement of long-range fishing into the homes of thousands. But until now, no film or video has ever come close to capturing what it's like to be in the middle of an absolutely, wide-open, non-stop bite on these huge tuna. A bite that lasted over 36 hours and produced 28 fish over 200 pounds.

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Baja 5: Stripers, Sails & Yellowfin


Stripers, Sails & Giant Yellowfin Tuna - Baja Style picks up right where Baja 4 leaves off, and features some of the most beautiful girls we've ever filmed, pulling in some of the biggest stripers, sailfish and tuna we've ever caught.

Baja 5: Stripers, Sails & Yellowfin2019-02-21T00:31:30+11:00

Baja 7: No Bad Days


Filmed in Hotels Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol and Punta Colorado Los Barallies- Baja California Sur, Mexico. For fifteen years we've been coming here and without question, the East Cape region of Baja is the most fish rich body of water we've ever found. Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin, dorado, roosters, pargo and grouper. When you're fishing here, there are No Bad Days. Hotels Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol and Punta Colorado Los Barallies- Baja California Sur, Mexico. For fifteen years we've been coming here and without question, the East Cape region of Baja is the most fish rich body of water we've ever found. Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin, dorado, roosters, pargo and grouper. It doesn't matter if you work the beach with fly tackle or head offshore, the fishing here is as good as it gets anywhere on earth. And if you're ready to push the envelope, jump into one of the resorts kayaks for a little extreme marlin fishing, yak style. When you're fishing here, there are No Bad Days.

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Baja 1: The East Cape


From the spectacular underwater footage of free-swimming marlin and dorado feeding on bait balls, to the unbelievable power and strength of 500-pound blues airborne in 20 feet leaps., this non-stop action packed show will blow you away. Filmed entirely off the world famous waters of the East Cape region of Baja, at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez Resort. Features marlin, sailfish, dorado and incredible historical footage from the 1950's of fishing the marlin off Baja.

Baja 1: The East Cape2020-03-10T05:39:35+11:00

Monsters of the Deep


Whenever you drop down a bait fishing the depths off Sitka, Alaska, you never know what might be down there waiting to inhale it.

Monsters of the Deep2019-02-21T00:40:32+11:00

The Forbidden Zone


Midway atoll is Hawaii a hundred years ago. World record Giant Trevally, 500 pound Blue Marlin, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna. Non-stop action.

The Forbidden Zone2019-02-21T00:42:09+11:00

Bluefin Fever


This is west coast multi-day fishing at it’s best. Wide-open yellowfin tuna give way to bluefin pushing the 200-pound mark. Filmed onboard Norm Kagawa’s beautiful Shogun.

Bluefin Fever2019-03-05T03:40:03+11:00

377 Pounds of Fury


The largest yellowfin tuna ever captured on film! See how a fish can break a man’s spirit. A true life Old Man and the Sea. Talk about reality TV, it doesn’t get any more hardcore than this.

377 Pounds of Fury2019-02-21T00:10:24+11:00

Socorro Island Reel Quest


An absolutely amazing look at how incredibly good the fishing was at this island, before it became a marine sanctuary. There is no fishing allowed at the island any longer, but back in the day... was about as good as it gets. Yellowfin over 200 pounds inhaling the baits just feet from the swim-step, wahoo going airborne chasing kite baits 20 feet in the air, and a crew almost too exhausted to put another hooked bait in the water.

Socorro Island Reel Quest2019-02-21T00:41:56+11:00
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