Easy Loop


Mick Caulfield and Bill Classon show you how to tie the Easy Loop

Easy Loop2022-02-16T13:16:49+11:00

BD Knot


Mick Caulfield and Bill Classon show you how to tie the BD Knot

BD Knot2022-02-16T13:16:32+11:00

Jerkbaiting Lake Trout


Trout luring has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. The Fishing Show crew documented these leading lure techniques. A must watch for those who want to add another dimension to their trout lure fishing.

Jerkbaiting Lake Trout2020-10-27T01:18:24+11:00

Squid Tips


Join squid expert Adam Royter as he explains everything an angler needs to know about squidding. Adam covers all the basic techniques and explains some of the more advanced methods learnt from the highly influential Japanese egi phenomenon.

Squid Tips2020-10-27T01:27:20+11:00

Murray Cod TACTICS – Spinnerbaits


Rod ‘Harro’ Harrison and Bill Classon take you through the ins and outs of how to catch Murray cod using spinnerbaits on one of Australia’s most famous and productive cod lakes, the beautiful Mulwala on the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

Murray Cod TACTICS – Spinnerbaits2020-10-27T01:31:48+11:00

Trout Lure Casting


Bill Classon shows you how to catch trout on Lake Jindabyne, one of Australia’s most consistent and productive trout lakes.

Trout Lure Casting2020-10-27T01:33:21+11:00

Lowrance DownScan


Bill Classon demonstrates how best to use the Lowrance DownScan feature to spot fish.

Lowrance DownScan2022-02-16T13:17:04+11:00

Lowrance Sidescan


Bill Classon demonstrates the advantage of using the Lowrance Sidescan to spy underwater structure.

Lowrance Sidescan2022-02-16T13:17:04+11:00
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