Gamefishing Basics


For anglers starting out on the toughest style of fishing of all - game fishing - Gamefishing Basics provides the perfect foundation. Concentrating on the techniques requires for success on the high seas, this video covers each of the areas that the gamefisher must bknow: knots and rigs, lures and attractors, baits and baiting, playing fish and landing fish.

Gamefishing Basics2020-12-23T01:43:36+11:00

Estuary Fishing Bream


Fishing for southern bream in Australia's beautiful estuarine systems is a rewarding and popular relaxing time. With their fine fighting abilities, voracious appetites and large numbers, bream provde challenges to all who angle for this top table fish. Headed by Steve Starling, our team will take you through the many facets of bream fishing.

Estuary Fishing Bream2021-06-16T03:34:31+10:00
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