Beach Boars


In Cape York 90% of turtles nests are destroyed by feral pigs. In this clip we hunt the beaches to protect the nests, smashing some good boars.

Beach Boars2019-02-21T02:52:29+11:00

Big Boat Cut From Mob


Once we caught up to this mob it wasn't hard for us to see which one we wanted. Watch us use the bikes to cut the big boar out.

Big Boat Cut From Mob2019-02-21T02:52:15+11:00

Barge Problems


Returning after a long days hunt to find the barge beached and about 5 metres from the water's edge. Watch how we manage to get her back in the water.

Barge Problems2019-02-21T02:51:41+11:00

Barge Setup


A descriptive look at the barge we use to carry our quads to some of the most remote country in Australia.

Barge Setup2019-02-21T02:51:57+11:00

Too Many to Choose


Gulf country flats with just too many pigs to choose which one we want, check this out there is pigs running in every direction.

Too Many to Choose2019-02-21T03:02:30+11:00

Cape York


A 2 day hunt in Cape York with the second day seeing over 20 hogs with some of the best tusks we have ever seen.

Cape York2019-02-21T02:53:06+11:00

Sleeping Boar


We spotted this big boar asleep under a tree and managed to sneak right up on him before dropping a dog.

Sleeping Boar2019-02-21T03:02:01+11:00

Rolling the Quad Mid Chase


A cracking boar making a break from the swamp - we are hot on his tail until we clip a termite mound and roll the bike, but still managed to nail the big boar.

Rolling the Quad Mid Chase2019-02-21T03:01:54+11:00
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