Hooks and Hoops


Shane welcomes a basketball legend aboard his fishing trip, John gets some company in the kitchen and we hook some big snapper!

Hooks and Hoops2019-02-21T01:35:56+11:00

Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island exploration and fishing, filleting walkthroughs, open water sailing safety tips and John's rocking the rock salt to cook fish a different way!

Kangaroo Island2019-02-21T01:36:09+11:00

Dolphin Patrol


Shane and some special guests brave a scorching day to target some huge snapper and flathead, Caroline meets dolphin researcher Professor Mike Bosley, and John and Justine Hall get some muscles steaming!

Dolphin Patrol2019-02-21T01:35:25+11:00

North Haven Yachting


Head out on a fishing charter to Pages Islands, experience the excitement of the North Haven Yacht Club, and the Halls work with Tuna to create a gourmet dish that has to be seen to be believed!

North Haven Yachting2019-02-21T01:36:29+11:00
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