Port Lincoln Experience (Part I)


Fishing Port Lincoln for Bluefin Tuna and Salmon, visit Sardi to find out more about fish stocking, John whips up a shellfish platter with a twist and Caroline goes yachting for the first time.

Port Lincoln Experience (Part I)2019-02-21T01:36:53+11:00

HMAS Manoora


Caroline runs off and joins the Navy, Shane continues his adventure on the Calypso Star and John demonstrates a delicious stuffed squid!

HMAS Manoora2019-02-21T01:35:44+11:00

Port Paterson Netting


Shane and the gang net and tag Kingfish at Port Patterson, Caroline continues her Navy adventure and John uses flathead to create a mouthwatering meal!

Port Paterson Netting2019-02-21T01:37:01+11:00

Tod River


Shane navigates the Tod River, Caroline untangles mystery of sailing and ropes and John creates a very different sort of sandwich!

Tod River2019-02-21T01:37:28+11:00

Hooks and Hoops


Shane welcomes a basketball legend aboard his fishing trip, John gets some company in the kitchen and we hook some big snapper!

Hooks and Hoops2019-02-21T01:35:56+11:00

Mine Hunters


The Tierney brothers and Shane go rock fishing, Caroline goes landmine hunting with Navy diffusal experts and John gets his claws into some lobster.

Mine Hunters2019-02-21T01:36:19+11:00

Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island exploration and fishing, filleting walkthroughs, open water sailing safety tips and John's rocking the rock salt to cook fish a different way!

Kangaroo Island2019-02-21T01:36:09+11:00

Southern Ranging


Rachel Sporn and Shane target a boat limit of snook, Caroline patrols the waters on the Southern Ranger, and John learns a great swordfish salsa from guest chef Amanda Blair.

Southern Ranging2019-02-21T01:37:15+11:00

Dolphin Patrol


Shane and some special guests brave a scorching day to target some huge snapper and flathead, Caroline meets dolphin researcher Professor Mike Bosley, and John and Justine Hall get some muscles steaming!

Dolphin Patrol2019-02-21T01:35:25+11:00

Henley Jetty Crab


Crab fishing off Henley Jetty, Caroline checks out the stunning catamaran Aquila, and the Halls team up in kitchen again to get some salmon patties on the plate!

Henley Jetty Crab2019-02-21T01:35:35+11:00

North Haven Yachting


Head out on a fishing charter to Pages Islands, experience the excitement of the North Haven Yacht Club, and the Halls work with Tuna to create a gourmet dish that has to be seen to be believed!

North Haven Yachting2019-02-21T01:36:29+11:00
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