SA Salmon & Port Fairy


Bill teams up with expert surf angler, Tom Tierney to explore some remote S.A. beaches in search of super-sized salmon. Then he heads to Victoria's west coast to catch some tuna for the table.

SA Salmon & Port Fairy2020-10-27T04:01:11+11:00

Searching The Great Barrier Reef


Heading north of the Cape York Penisula, we find some remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef, and sample the amazing fishing on offer. Along the journey we investigate why the reef is such an important Wonder-of-the-World; we also highlight some of its major threats.

Searching The Great Barrier Reef2020-03-10T06:05:35+11:00

Stickbaiting SA Kings & Portland Tuna


Nige chases after some kingfish with stickbaits in SA with KEEN As FISH, SA Fishing Charters. Then, Bill heads out with Salty Dog Fishing Charters Port Fairy to explore the tuna fishery in Portland.

Stickbaiting SA Kings & Portland Tuna2019-02-05T02:20:43+11:00

Brisbane Threadfin & Tuna


Nige Webster heads to Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, to sample some of the great fishing on offer. The journey starts in Brisbane River, targeting a unique population of fish, before heading into Moreton Bay to chase Northern Bluefin Tuna.

Brisbane Threadfin & Tuna2019-02-05T02:20:00+11:00

Asari Micro-Jigging Challenge


The AFN team go head to head in a North Vs South Challenge. Using the same lures, Nige Webster targets tropical reef fish, while down south Bill Classon chases southern bluefin tuna. The day has plenty of surprises, including a monstrous and deadly visitor!

Asari Micro-Jigging Challenge2019-02-18T03:16:43+11:00

VIP Raffle Adventure


Nige takes a BCF raffle winner out on a fishing expedition, targeting both reef species and pelagics. If they can't catch enough species across the two environments, Nige is stuck packing boxes for BCF.

VIP Raffle Adventure2019-02-05T02:44:25+11:00

Mackerel Surfing Challenge


Nige takes champion longboard surfer Nic Jones offshore, and sets a few challenges for the rookie angler. Then they hit the surf, and the tables are turned, as Nic sets Nige a few challenges of his own.

Mackerel Surfing Challenge2019-02-05T02:43:56+11:00

Port Fairy SBTs & Tasmania Surface Bream


The AFN Fishing Show goes offshore in Port Fairy, where we show you how to catch and fillet bluefin tuna. The we travel down to the east coast of Tasmania for some exciting surface action, as we fish for bream on surface lures.

Port Fairy SBTs & Tasmania Surface Bream2019-02-18T03:23:26+11:00

Shallow Water Trout Trolling & Stickbaiting Tuna


Colder waters in Australia offer plenty of great fishing options. The AFN Fishing Show heads south in this episode to troll for shallow water trout, before hitting the southern ocean waters to target southern bluefin tuna on stickbait lures.

Shallow Water Trout Trolling & Stickbaiting Tuna2019-02-18T04:38:24+11:00

Eildon Murray Cod & Tropical Tuna Trolling


Join the AFN crew as they explore the stocking of one of Victoria's prime fisheries, Lake Eildon, then join Nigel Webster and Bill Classon off Queensland's Marion Reef as they go in search of feisty dogtooth tuna.

Eildon Murray Cod & Tropical Tuna Trolling2019-02-18T04:38:10+11:00
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