4WD Fishing the Fitzroy


In the second stage of their offroad adventure, Nige and Jason hit the waters to the north of rockhampton. The temperaterures rise and so does the difficulty level as everything seems to go wrong.

4WD Fishing the Fitzroy2019-03-04T01:20:18+11:00

4WD Fishing Byfield National Park


After fitting a car and building a boat, Nige and Jason Medcalf head in search of a fishing destination they've only ever seen on a map. They are soon put to the test as very little goes to plan.

4WD Fishing Byfield National Park2019-03-04T01:20:26+11:00

Fitzroy Rockhamton Barra


Nige heads to Rockhampton in central QLD to help an angler catch his dream fish on the Fitzroy River, a place with a fabulous reputation for great fish numbers.

Fitzroy Rockhamton Barra2019-03-04T01:20:46+11:00

Sydney Kingfish, Fish Migration and USA Tour


We start out in Sydney Harbour trying to catch a fish for an unsuspecting angler, then undertake a scientific mission thanks to World Fish Migration Day, before finally heading to the USA on a whirlwind tour.

Sydney Kingfish, Fish Migration and USA Tour2019-02-01T05:35:36+11:00

Extreme Polycrafting


Nige Webster and Jase Medcalf do what that do best - go fishing, and try to break things. The boys chase pelagic fish offshore before turning their hands to target estuary fish. The day takes on a twist when the boys are asked to test a boat in a very different fashion!

Extreme Polycrafting2019-02-18T03:14:28+11:00
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