Sounder Treasure Hunt


Nige Webster competes with sounder expert Ken Thompson for a pirate's bounty. X-marks the spot and the best fishing marks win in this fast paced fishing competition.

Sounder Treasure Hunt2019-02-05T02:32:42+11:00

Coffin Bay Jigging Challenge


It's the goodies versus the baddies, as Bill Classon sets a challenge on Why Not Fishing Charters out of Port Lincoln, and the competition is fierce!

Coffin Bay Jigging Challenge2019-02-05T02:32:06+11:00

Wheelchair Fishing


Nige takes out Mark Urkart, an Australian Soldier injured during training, and helps him catch his first fish. Then, back on land, Mark takes Nige out for some wheelchair rugby, and it's Game On!

Wheelchair Fishing2019-02-05T02:31:57+11:00

Massive Surface Lure Cod


Nige Webster joins a Murray cod veteran to chase a dream fish in a special manner: the target is a 1 metre plus fish on a surface lure.

Massive Surface Lure Cod2020-03-10T05:26:08+11:00

Sydney Squid & Kings


It's business time on the AFN Fishing Show, as Nige meets Sydney fishing guide Stuart and challenges him to catch both squid and kingfish!

Sydney Squid & Kings2019-02-05T02:30:57+11:00
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