Mustad Mini-Marlin & Eildon Cod


Nige Webster and his nine year-old son Lachlan experience the thrill of marlin fishing. Will Lachy get a chance to achieve his dream catch? Then later on, Bill and Nige take AFN's general manager Debbie to try and catch her first murray cod.

Mustad Mini-Marlin & Eildon Cod2019-02-18T03:25:12+11:00

Gold Coast Flathead & Welshpool Whiting


There's nothing quite like a fantastic day in the Queensland sun. The AFN Fishing Show teaches you how to catch flathead at the Gold Coast - with a surprise catch along the way. Back down south, we'll look at how to pump for bait and hopefully catch a whiting or two!

Gold Coast Flathead & Welshpool Whiting2019-02-18T03:24:41+11:00

Spot X Bream & Reynolds River Surface Sooties


We visit the secret spot X in South Australia on the search for some beautiful bream. Then the team head off the beaten track in the Northern Territory for some epic surface fishing for sooties in the Reynolds River.

Spot X Bream & Reynolds River Surface Sooties2019-02-18T03:24:26+11:00

Port Lincoln Salmon & Manly Beach


The AFN team joins Tom Tierney in South Australia, and see if we can spot a salmon or two. Then later, we head to NSW to join rock and beach guide Alex Bellissimo, as we fish beach worms for whiting on Manly Beach.

Port Lincoln Salmon & Manly Beach2019-02-18T03:24:12+11:00

Deep Water Cod & Miami Boat Show


Nige gets the adrenalin pumping with some murray cod fishing that's sure to have you on the edge of your seat. Also on the show, Bill Classon travels to the Miami International Boat show, and checks out some of the amazing new technology on display.

Deep Water Cod & Miami Boat Show2019-02-18T03:23:53+11:00

Port Fairy SBTs & Tasmania Surface Bream


The AFN Fishing Show goes offshore in Port Fairy, where we show you how to catch and fillet bluefin tuna. The we travel down to the east coast of Tasmania for some exciting surface action, as we fish for bream on surface lures.

Port Fairy SBTs & Tasmania Surface Bream2019-02-18T03:23:26+11:00

Soft Plastics on the Reef & Teasing Trout


Nige Webster has some fun on soft plastics at Queenslands 1770, and catches a few reef species along the way. Then, we head across to Lake Jindabyne to see if we can attract a trout or two, trolling cowbells and soft plastics.

Soft Plastics on the Reef & Teasing Trout2019-02-18T03:23:12+11:00

Timber Bass & Soft Plastic Baiting


The AFN Fishing Show goes polaroiding, as we discover some excellent bass fishing plastics amongst submerged timber. Then, we join Peter Morris and explore the basics of using scented soft plastics to fish for flathead.

Timber Bass & Soft Plastic Baiting2019-02-18T03:22:59+11:00

Nomad Spin Test & 1770 Coral Trout


On this show, we catch up with Nick Milford from Nomad, as he and Nige put some medium-weight spin gear to the test against some fiercesome GTs! And later, Nige cracks out the paddletail soft plastics to fish the beautiful waters of 1770.

Nomad Spin Test & 1770 Coral Trout2019-02-18T03:22:08+11:00
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