Vic Fly 4WD & SA Whiting


Bill teams up with Matt Frost & Scott Xanthoulakis to go fly Fishing in some stunning streams within 2 hours of Melbourne. Then he goes head to head with his mate Tom Tierney on a hunt for whiting.

Vic Fly 4WD & SA Whiting2020-10-27T03:58:32+11:00

Groote Eylandt


Bill Classon ventures to one of the largest islands in Australia. Being one of most remote fishing spots in the country, this trip offers breathtaking scenery along with some spectacular fishing.

Groote Eylandt2020-10-27T03:57:33+11:00

Native Trifecta


Jason Medcalf is joined by fresh water guru Jason Ehrlich as well as his son and upcoming tournament angler, Blake in search of a unique trifecta: Murray Cod, Golden Perch & Australian Bass.

Native Trifecta2020-10-27T03:57:05+11:00

Yarra CBD & Jetty Bream


Bill Classon takes a look at just what he can catch in the very heart of the Melbourne CBD. Then he heads so S.A. to share some tactics for catching bream around the docks.

Yarra CBD & Jetty Bream2020-10-27T03:58:57+11:00

Exploring Mackay


Jason Medcalf is joined by fresh water guru Jason Ehrlich as well as his son and upcoming tournament angler, Blake in search of a unique trifecta: Murray Cod, Golden Perch & Australian Bass.

Exploring Mackay2020-10-27T03:59:28+11:00

The Kimberley


Bill Classon heads to W.A embarking on a dream trip aboard the Kimberley Pearl to experience the spectacular scenery and fishing that the Kimberley has to offer.

The Kimberley2020-10-27T04:00:04+11:00

Rockhampton 4×4 Offshore


Jason Medcalf waits out some rough weather by learning a few 4WD skills, which is only gonna get him into trouble. When the weather doesn't improve its then a case of go hungry or go fishing.

Rockhampton 4×4 Offshore2020-10-27T04:01:36+11:00

SA Salmon & Port Fairy


Bill teams up with expert surf angler, Tom Tierney to explore some remote S.A. beaches in search of super-sized salmon. Then he heads to Victoria's west coast to catch some tuna for the table.

SA Salmon & Port Fairy2020-10-27T04:01:11+11:00

Big Cat Trolling & NT Mud Crabs


Nige tackles rough oceans on the outer edge of Australian waters to chase pelagic fish. Then Bill and his mates target the rich waters at the mouth of the Daly River in the top end.

Big Cat Trolling & NT Mud Crabs2020-10-27T04:00:37+11:00

Stradbroke & Lure Expo


Jason Medcalf and Mark Ward take their daughters to Stradbroke Island and test their ability to catch their own bait and dinner. Bill then checks out the homegrown talent at the 2019 Lure Expo.

Stradbroke & Lure Expo2021-11-26T08:52:18+11:00

1770 & Port Welshpool


Nige helps out two invited anglers with a first-time fish in mind but it isn’t one of the easiest in the ocean to catch. Bill then looks at why Victoria’s Kingfish are rebounding so successfully today.

1770 & Port Welshpool2020-10-27T04:02:42+11:00

Gold Coast Urban Adventure


Jason Medcalf is joined by local fishing guru Mark Ward in one of busiest waterways in the country. Their mission is to see what species have adapted to living among the rich and famous.

Gold Coast Urban Adventure2020-10-27T04:03:12+11:00

Callide Barra


Jason Medcalf heads to Callide Damn in QLD with his mate Jason Ehrlich to tangle with some of the resident barramundi but they didn’t count on the significant storm activity heading their way.

Callide Barra2020-10-27T04:03:40+11:00

New England


Nige Webster & Jason Medcalf head to the New England district of NSW to catch 2 very different species of freshwater fish. But with water levels at there lowest point in decades this could prove to be one of their toughest missions yet.

New England2020-10-27T03:51:54+11:00
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