NT Runoff Barra & Finessing Black Bream


Concentrations of fish, once found, offer the chance of some great fishing. The AFN crew head to the Northern Territory in search of stacked up run-off barramundi before heading south to chase schooling black bream.

NT Runoff Barra & Finessing Black Bream2019-02-18T04:38:43+11:00

Shallow Water Trout Trolling & Stickbaiting Tuna


Colder waters in Australia offer plenty of great fishing options. The AFN Fishing Show heads south in this episode to troll for shallow water trout, before hitting the southern ocean waters to target southern bluefin tuna on stickbait lures.

Shallow Water Trout Trolling & Stickbaiting Tuna2019-02-18T04:38:24+11:00

Eildon Murray Cod & Tropical Tuna Trolling


Join the AFN crew as they explore the stocking of one of Victoria's prime fisheries, Lake Eildon, then join Nigel Webster and Bill Classon off Queensland's Marion Reef as they go in search of feisty dogtooth tuna.

Eildon Murray Cod & Tropical Tuna Trolling2019-02-18T04:38:10+11:00

Landbased Luderick & Melbourne Cup Madness


The AFN Fishing Show goes on leave and discovers how good holiday fishing can be. We hit the rockwalls in search of luderick and hook up with sporting celebrities Merv Hughes and Dipper Domenico as they chase Public Holiday snapper in Melbourne.

Landbased Luderick & Melbourne Cup Madness2019-02-18T04:37:54+11:00
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