Batemans Bay


Nige & Nicko's road trip into NSW continues down the south coast and they're relying on this part of the coastline to notch up more species on their bucket list.

Batemans Bay2023-05-11T15:45:04+10:00

Shell Harbour


Nige & Nicko have explored the inland waters to the far west, ticking off freshwater fish along the way. But now it’s time to test themselves in the salt and the city stretches of the NSW coastline.

Shell Harbour2023-05-05T13:19:15+10:00

Back O Bourke


Nige & Nicko‘s road trip into NSW takes them west to the back o’ Burke to chase an iconic river fish. But with the river in flood they have no idea what to expect.

Back O Bourke2023-04-28T20:48:44+10:00

Glenn Innes


Nige & Nicko's road trip south continues as they cross the border into NSW and hit the gorges in search of Murray Cod.

Glenn Innes2023-04-18T16:12:50+10:00



Nige & Nicko chase flathead and snapper while checking out some of the sights on the Sunshine Coast.




Bill Classon heads to Warrnambool and takes us on a tour of all the best fishing destinations, including estuary, freshwater, surf and offshore.


Salty Scroll Sum Up


Nige & Nicko take us through some of the highlights in their bucket list challenge of catching 30 species in 30 days on the road.

Salty Scroll Sum Up2022-07-01T16:17:00+10:00



Nige & Nicko continue their '30 species in 60 days' challenge. There's still plenty of fish and crustaceans to tick off and Rockhampton offers plenty but they'll need some good luck and good weather.




Continuing their quest to catch 30 species in 60 days on the road, Nige & Nicko head to the Bundaberg region and the weather is far from ideal, making this a tough challenge from the get-go.


Sunny Coast


It's the start of a new season of adventure. Nige and Nicko are challenged to catch 30 bucket list species in just 60 days on the road. This episode begins their quest in Southern Queensland.

Sunny Coast2022-04-14T14:03:45+10:00

Eildon Switch Baiting & NZ Trout


Bill Classon heads to Lake Eildon to catch Murray Cod with some of the best scenery you'll ever see. Then Nige Webster travels New Zealand to try his luck at some of the largest trout in the world.

Eildon Switch Baiting & NZ Trout2021-09-14T09:30:20+10:00



The wet season is about to start and here in the bottom of the Cape York Peninsula Nicko & Nige have got to find the fish at the same time as avoiding the sharp end of the local crocodiles.


Melsonby Rangers


Nige & Nicko have now been on the road for nearly two months and had plenty of setbacks but now they've hit the Lakefield area with a whole new adventure in mind.

Melsonby Rangers2021-03-25T22:49:55+11:00

Weipa – Spot X


In search of a hitlist of species, Nige & Nicko have targeted big Barramundi and explored a whole river system from top to bottom but now they're in search of the lost Spot X.

Weipa – Spot X2021-03-09T05:56:10+11:00

Weipa – Fresh to Salt


In search of a hit list of species Nige & Nicko have failed on their first leg in the far north. They now turn their sights to exploring a tropical river from the very top all the way to the ocean.

Weipa – Fresh to Salt2021-03-09T22:35:24+11:00

Weipa – Big Barra


Our mission to catch a bunch of our favourite species in only 8 weeks, finally takes us to the Cape. We hit the roads and waters at the top of Australia in search of the holy grail of Barra fishing.

Weipa – Big Barra2021-02-15T22:11:07+11:00

Bowen to Daintree


Stuck in QLD, Nige & Nicko start heading toward the Daintree River and this episode means catching more than just fish, which puts them way out of their comfort zone.

Bowen to Daintree2021-02-12T05:23:01+11:00

Central QLD


Today we hit Central QLD in search of two tropical favourites and along the way we get to meet some of the unique characters that our QLD road trip has to offer.

Central QLD2021-02-12T03:35:17+11:00

Big Cat – GT


In this episode we continue a quest in the Bundaberg area, targeting big & angry Giant Trevally before hitting shore & turning our hand to a search for wild Aussie Bass.

Big Cat – GT2021-02-12T03:56:52+11:00

Big Cat – Red Emperor


Today on the Fishing Show we meet the traditional owners of the Bundaberg region before heading offshore in search of the elusive Red Emperor.

Big Cat – Red Emperor2021-02-12T03:57:52+11:00

Fraser Island


This episode is the start of our Covid QLD Tour. Cars, trailers & boats have been specially fitted out to get us to all parts of QLD in search of a very specific bucket list of tropical species.

Fraser Island2021-02-12T03:58:48+11:00

Native Trifecta


Jason Medcalf is joined by fresh water guru Jason Ehrlich as well as his son and upcoming tournament angler, Blake in search of a unique trifecta: Murray Cod, Golden Perch & Australian Bass.

Native Trifecta2020-10-27T03:57:05+11:00

Exploring Mackay


Jason Medcalf is joined by fresh water guru Jason Ehrlich as well as his son and upcoming tournament angler, Blake in search of a unique trifecta: Murray Cod, Golden Perch & Australian Bass.

Exploring Mackay2020-10-27T03:59:28+11:00

Rockhampton 4×4 Offshore


Jason Medcalf waits out some rough weather by learning a few 4WD skills, which is only gonna get him into trouble. When the weather doesn't improve its then a case of go hungry or go fishing.

Rockhampton 4×4 Offshore2020-10-27T04:01:36+11:00

Big Cat Trolling & NT Mud Crabs


Nige tackles rough oceans on the outer edge of Australian waters to chase pelagic fish. Then Bill and his mates target the rich waters at the mouth of the Daly River in the top end.

Big Cat Trolling & NT Mud Crabs2020-10-27T04:00:37+11:00

Stradbroke & Lure Expo


Jason Medcalf and Mark Ward take their daughters to Stradbroke Island and test their ability to catch their own bait and dinner. Bill then checks out the homegrown talent at the 2019 Lure Expo.

Stradbroke & Lure Expo2021-11-26T08:52:18+11:00

Gold Coast Urban Adventure


Jason Medcalf is joined by local fishing guru Mark Ward in one of busiest waterways in the country. Their mission is to see what species have adapted to living among the rich and famous.

Gold Coast Urban Adventure2020-10-27T04:03:12+11:00



Nige heads to the tropics in search of a bucket list capture of holy grail proportions. The aim: to catch permit on fly fishing gear, which could prove to be the hardest mission he has ever attempted.


Mustad & Breakaway Barra


Nige heads to the Sunshine Coast with cameraman Dave Leonard to see how he will go with a fishing rod in his hands. Then Bill Classon investigates rumors of a new breed of Barramundi in the N.T.

Mustad & Breakaway Barra2019-02-01T05:00:01+11:00

Cape York Billabong


Nige treks into the northern wilderness of Cape York in search of a hidden billabong that promises some untouched fishing.

Cape York Billabong2019-02-01T05:00:11+11:00

West Coast Cape York


Nige Hooks up with a couple of anglers on a journey down the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula, surviving off what they can catch while trying not to be eaten by the local and aggressive wildlife.

West Coast Cape York2020-03-10T05:22:39+11:00

Kenn Reef Pt.2


Nige joins forces with Greg Lamprecht to travel 500 miles off shore and fish around an extinct volcano then head in search of an old shipwreck.

Kenn Reef Pt.22019-02-01T05:00:28+11:00

Kenn Reef Pt.1


Nige Webster & Troy Dixon search of a remote seamount, 300 nautical miles off shore in a reef that is reputed to be home to monster fish.

Kenn Reef Pt.12019-02-01T05:00:43+11:00

Sydney Kingfish, Fish Migration and USA Tour


We start out in Sydney Harbour trying to catch a fish for an unsuspecting angler, then undertake a scientific mission thanks to World Fish Migration Day, before finally heading to the USA on a whirlwind tour.

Sydney Kingfish, Fish Migration and USA Tour2019-02-01T05:35:36+11:00

Awoonga Barra Journey


Nige catches up with Jason Medcalf and discovers the effects of flooding on local awoonga fish. There's plenty of barramundi feeding action, before fishing along the flood route.

Awoonga Barra Journey2019-02-01T05:35:21+11:00

Searching The Great Barrier Reef


Heading north of the Cape York Penisula, we find some remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef, and sample the amazing fishing on offer. Along the journey we investigate why the reef is such an important Wonder-of-the-World; we also highlight some of its major threats.

Searching The Great Barrier Reef2020-03-10T06:05:35+11:00

Cape York Secret Fishing Camp


We jump on a plane and head to the top of Australia in search of a secret remote fishing camp! Along the way we explore how the wet season cycle affects our offshore and river fish species, all the while tangling with some impressive fish.

Cape York Secret Fishing Camp2019-02-01T05:32:09+11:00

Fraser Island Pelagics & Bass on Fly


Nige hunts down some offshore aggressors and helps one lucky angler catch a fish they've always dreamed of. The show then heads south to do it all again, attempting to fly fish out of a kayak as we chase wild bass with Shannon Kitchener.

Fraser Island Pelagics & Bass on Fly2019-02-01T05:31:55+11:00

3 Rivers, 3 Fish, 3 Days


Nige Webster heads to the Queensland tropics to catch 3 fish in 3 days as he chases some freshwater apex predators, and learns the importance they play in our waterways.

3 Rivers, 3 Fish, 3 Days2019-02-01T05:31:30+11:00
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