Corner Inlet & Lake Mulwala


Bill and Mick head to Lake Fyans, with the reputation for the largest redfin in Australia. Also, James travels to the top of Australia to catch mountain brook trout amongst some stunning scenery.

Corner Inlet & Lake Mulwala2024-06-20T10:15:43+10:00

Goulburn Drifting & Westernport Whiting


Bill fishes the Goulburn River with fly fisher guide, James Norney, then Michelle Brittain visits Kelvin Bertacinni's backyard, in Western Port to see what deep water whiting fishing is all about.

Goulburn Drifting & Westernport Whiting2024-05-31T17:31:07+10:00

Corner Inlet & Lake Mulwala


Bill ventures up north to cast for Murray Cod with James Norney in Lake Mulwala. Then it's down to Corner Inlet, in Victoria's far south, to find some very big Whiting & some great Squid.

Corner Inlet & Lake Mulwala2024-05-24T16:23:15+10:00



Bill and a few mates join skipper, Mitch Bertacchini on his fishing charter in the offshore reefs of Noosa, targeting a variety of northern and tropical species as well as a few southern favourites.


Port Phillip Bay Snapper


Bill Classon tells his story of the resurgence of Port Phillip Bay. And how so many people played their part in bringing our snapper fishery back to be better than ever before.

Port Phillip Bay Snapper2024-04-26T15:30:43+10:00

Warneet Garfish & Mount Beauty Trout


Bill Classon and Michelle Brittain head to the small hamlet of Warneet in search of some of the largest garfish in Victoria. James Norney travels to Mount Beauty, at the top of the Victorian High Country to flyfish trout with some local anglers.

Warneet Garfish & Mount Beauty Trout2024-04-19T09:45:02+10:00

Eildon Fisheries Tagging, Deniliquin


Bill Classon heads to Deniliquin, the home of the Ute Muster, to get a taste of the cod fishing in the Edwards River then joins Corey Green and Victorian Fisheries in a unique cod tagging program on Lake Eildon.

Eildon Fisheries Tagging, Deniliquin2023-06-02T15:49:39+10:00

Swains Reef 2023


Nige & Nicko take three prize winners deep into the swains reef, in search of tropical monsters. Although the weather is challenging, they soon find that huge sharks will be their greatest test.

Swains Reef 20232023-06-02T15:42:52+10:00



Nige & Nicko start the last segment of their southern road trip adventure. And here, in the highlands of Australia Nicko tries to settle some unfinished business.


Jindabyne Trout


Nige & Nicko finally hit the high country. It’s cold and the weather is average, which is good for alpine fishing. And now, Nicko’s quest for PB-sized trout begins.

Jindabyne Trout2023-05-23T19:44:24+10:00

Batemans Bay


Nige & Nicko's road trip into NSW continues down the south coast and they're relying on this part of the coastline to notch up more species on their bucket list.

Batemans Bay2023-05-11T15:45:04+10:00

Shell Harbour


Nige & Nicko have explored the inland waters to the far west, ticking off freshwater fish along the way. But now it’s time to test themselves in the salt and the city stretches of the NSW coastline.

Shell Harbour2023-05-05T13:19:15+10:00

Back O Bourke


Nige & Nicko‘s road trip into NSW takes them west to the back o’ Burke to chase an iconic river fish. But with the river in flood they have no idea what to expect.

Back O Bourke2023-04-28T20:48:44+10:00

Glenn Innes


Nige & Nicko's road trip south continues as they cross the border into NSW and hit the gorges in search of Murray Cod.

Glenn Innes2023-04-18T16:12:50+10:00



Nige & Nicko chase flathead and snapper while checking out some of the sights on the Sunshine Coast.




Bill Classon heads to Warrnambool and takes us on a tour of all the best fishing destinations, including estuary, freshwater, surf and offshore.


Salty Scroll Sum Up


Nige & Nicko take us through some of the highlights in their bucket list challenge of catching 30 species in 30 days on the road.

Salty Scroll Sum Up2022-07-01T16:17:00+10:00



Nige & Nicko continue their '30 species in 60 days' challenge. There's still plenty of fish and crustaceans to tick off and Rockhampton offers plenty but they'll need some good luck and good weather.




Continuing their quest to catch 30 species in 60 days on the road, Nige & Nicko head to the Bundaberg region and the weather is far from ideal, making this a tough challenge from the get-go.


Sunny Coast


It's the start of a new season of adventure. Nige and Nicko are challenged to catch 30 bucket list species in just 60 days on the road. This episode begins their quest in Southern Queensland.

Sunny Coast2022-04-14T14:03:45+10:00

Eildon Houseboat Cod & Bemm River Bream


Bill Classon visits Lake Eildon to fish with Debbie Sheldon-Collins in her quest for a meter cod and tell her story of her life with Parkinson's. Then he visits the stunning seaside village of Bemm River, locked away in far east Gippsland.

Eildon Houseboat Cod & Bemm River Bream2021-12-03T16:52:13+11:00

Mulwala Cod & Backyard Bream


Bill Classon heads to Lake Mulwala in search of one of the largest freshwater fishes that inhabits our waters, then down to Port Phillip Bay to fish a unique system that has some great fishing, literally right in our backyard.

Mulwala Cod & Backyard Bream2021-11-04T12:37:27+11:00

SA Salmon, Bream & Breakaway Barra


Bill teams up with expert, Tom Tierney in search of super-sized salmon in S.A. then they look at Bream tactics around the docks. Later Bill investigates rumours of a new breed of Barramundi in the N.T.

SA Salmon, Bream & Breakaway Barra2021-10-29T17:20:43+11:00

The Kimberley


Bill Classon heads to W.A embarking on a dream trip aboard the Kimberley Pearl to experience the spectacular scenery and fishing that the Kimberley has to offer.

The Kimberley2021-10-21T08:46:39+11:00

Groote Eylandt


Bill Classon ventures to one of the largest islands in Australia. Being one of most remote fishing spots in the country, this trip offers breathtaking scenery along with some spectacular fishing.

Groote Eylandt2021-10-06T13:55:33+11:00

Swains Reef Jigging


Nige Webster takes a small boat a long way offshore, with the aim of catching a fish as wide or as long as his boat. The fishing heats up, but will it put an end to the adventure?

Swains Reef Jigging2023-04-12T12:38:57+10:00

Metung Bream & Exmouth Grand Slam


Bill Classon visits a rejuvenated Gippsland Lakes, chasing Bream on live bait. Then it’s off to Exmouth in W.A. to attempt a fishing grand slam of three different species of Bill Fish just in one day.

Metung Bream & Exmouth Grand Slam2023-04-12T12:38:50+10:00

Eildon Switch Baiting & NZ Trout


Bill Classon heads to Lake Eildon to catch Murray Cod with some of the best scenery you'll ever see. Then Nige Webster travels New Zealand to try his luck at some of the largest trout in the world.

Eildon Switch Baiting & NZ Trout2021-09-14T09:30:20+10:00



The wet season is about to start and here in the bottom of the Cape York Peninsula Nicko & Nige have got to find the fish at the same time as avoiding the sharp end of the local crocodiles.


Melsonby Rangers


Nige & Nicko have now been on the road for nearly two months and had plenty of setbacks but now they've hit the Lakefield area with a whole new adventure in mind.

Melsonby Rangers2021-03-25T22:49:55+11:00

Weipa – Spot X


In search of a hitlist of species, Nige & Nicko have targeted big Barramundi and explored a whole river system from top to bottom but now they're in search of the lost Spot X.

Weipa – Spot X2021-03-09T05:56:10+11:00

Weipa – Fresh to Salt


In search of a hit list of species Nige & Nicko have failed on their first leg in the far north. They now turn their sights to exploring a tropical river from the very top all the way to the ocean.

Weipa – Fresh to Salt2021-03-09T22:35:24+11:00

Weipa – Big Barra


Our mission to catch a bunch of our favourite species in only 8 weeks, finally takes us to the Cape. We hit the roads and waters at the top of Australia in search of the holy grail of Barra fishing.

Weipa – Big Barra2021-02-15T22:11:07+11:00

Bowen to Daintree


Stuck in QLD, Nige & Nicko start heading toward the Daintree River and this episode means catching more than just fish, which puts them way out of their comfort zone.

Bowen to Daintree2021-02-12T05:23:01+11:00

Central QLD


Today we hit Central QLD in search of two tropical favourites and along the way we get to meet some of the unique characters that our QLD road trip has to offer.

Central QLD2021-02-12T03:35:17+11:00

Big Cat – GT


In this episode we continue a quest in the Bundaberg area, targeting big & angry Giant Trevally before hitting shore & turning our hand to a search for wild Aussie Bass.

Big Cat – GT2021-02-12T03:56:52+11:00
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