The wet season is about to start and here in the bottom of the Cape York Peninsula Nicko & Nige have got to find the fish at the same time as avoiding the sharp end of the local crocodiles.


Melsonby Rangers


Nige & Nicko have now been on the road for nearly two months and had plenty of setbacks but now they've hit the Lakefield area with a whole new adventure in mind.

Melsonby Rangers2021-03-25T22:49:55+11:00

Weipa – Spot X


In search of a hitlist of species, Nige & Nicko have targeted big Barramundi and explored a whole river system from top to bottom but now they're in search of the lost Spot X.

Weipa – Spot X2021-03-09T05:56:10+11:00

Weipa – Fresh to Salt


In search of a hit list of species Nige & Nicko have failed on their first leg in the far north. They now turn their sights to exploring a tropical river from the very top all the way to the ocean.

Weipa – Fresh to Salt2021-03-09T22:35:24+11:00

Weipa – Big Barra


Our mission to catch a bunch of our favourite species in only 8 weeks, finally takes us to the Cape. We hit the roads and waters at the top of Australia in search of the holy grail of Barra fishing.

Weipa – Big Barra2021-02-15T22:11:07+11:00

Central QLD


Today we hit Central QLD in search of two tropical favourites and along the way we get to meet some of the unique characters that our QLD road trip has to offer.

Central QLD2021-02-12T03:35:17+11:00

Callide Barra


Jason Medcalf heads to Callide Damn in QLD with his mate Jason Ehrlich to tangle with some of the resident barramundi but they didn’t count on the significant storm activity heading their way.

Callide Barra2020-10-27T04:03:40+11:00

Awoonga Barra Journey


Nige catches up with Jason Medcalf and discovers the effects of flooding on local awoonga fish. There's plenty of barramundi feeding action, before fishing along the flood route.

Awoonga Barra Journey2019-02-01T05:35:21+11:00

3 Rivers, 3 Fish, 3 Days


Nige Webster heads to the Queensland tropics to catch 3 fish in 3 days as he chases some freshwater apex predators, and learns the importance they play in our waterways.

3 Rivers, 3 Fish, 3 Days2019-02-01T05:31:30+11:00

The Brynterview


Today we conduct a job interview on the water as the team takes on a budding journalist intern. To get the job he simply has to catch a big fish! We then head north and give a barramundi pro very limited time to catch fish.

The Brynterview2019-02-05T02:41:11+11:00

NT Runoff Barra & Finessing Black Bream


Concentrations of fish, once found, offer the chance of some great fishing. The AFN crew head to the Northern Territory in search of stacked up run-off barramundi before heading south to chase schooling black bream.

NT Runoff Barra & Finessing Black Bream2019-02-18T04:38:43+11:00
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