Freshwater Fishing Australia #179

Issue 179 a bumper with great articles and techniques. In issue #179 is packed with techniques. The jungle perch has always been on Andy McGovern’s bucket list of fish to catch. Recently he ticked that box and along the way experienced some amazing fishing in breathtaking surroundings. Keen freshwater angler Dave Magner shares his knowledge of an overlooked little waterway that’s sure to be of interest to keen kayak anglers. A few years ago I started kayak fishing on the Edward (kolety) river. Ian Fishewr explains. Somerset dam is South East Queensland’s third most popular waterway only 1 hour’s drive from Brisbane and is popular with anglers chasing Australian bass golden perch and more recently red claw . Steve Davies explains. Fluorocarbon has been around for some time and Steve Davies discusses the ins and out of it from an angler’s perspective. Seemingly gone are the days where you see fellow fisho’s gazing wistfully into the distance at the perfect snag, or the next likely looking fish holding corner.

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