Freshwater Fishing Australia #148

The freshwater fishing across Australia is in full swing, and our February/March issue, #148 of Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine leads the way in locations and techniques, for native and trout anglers.

Jason Ehrlich gives us his insight into the development of bass lures, in this article he delves into why lures are designed the way they are. Dan Nogare explains how to find trophy-sized
golden perch during the warmer months in the iconic Windamere Dam, while Toby Grundy foregoes the snags in search of trench dwelling slabs of gold. Ashley barber delves into the methods employed and evolved by anglers who chase Australia’s most iconic native sportfish, the mighty Murray cod, while Chris Ghosn gives some helpful advice for chasing Australian wild river Bass. It’s not just Murray cod and yellowbelly that are the prime freshwater summer species according to Jarrod Day,
Victoria’s high country trout streams are often fishing at their peak during the warmest months as well.

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