Freshwater Fishing Australia - Issue #144

In issue 144 of Freshwater Fishing Australia Magazine, it’s time to put the wiggle, stop and twitch into your retrieves according to Adam Royter. Rhys Creed battles with a surface lure munching cod of epic proportions. Toby Grundy explains why he passes up the bigger snags for the maze of twigs and sticks in search of natives, while Mark Gercovich targets dirty water browns in south west Victoria with some cracking results to show for his efforts.

Chris Frith explores the world of lipless crankbaits and describes how best to employ them when targeting yellowbelly. Andrew McGovern expands on his previous article regarding the introduction of speed into rescues to get results. Catching a big barra has been on Colby Lesko’s bucket list for a long time, but living in Victoria has limitsed those opportunities, but the lure of tangling with multiple meter plus fish in a single trip has always been at the top of his ‘to do’ list. Trevor Hawkins explores a stunning area in the northern regions of the KNP with a view towards the camping, sight-seeing and early settler history as much as about the fishing. Lucas Weaver de-mystifies the use of vibes when chasing natives. Dean Norbiato turns his attention to the often-neglected snags in the river with surprising results.

There’s plenty more of course, too much to list here in fact, but as you’ve come to expect and realise from FWF magazine, there are more articles and columns than you can poke a fishing rod at!

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