Freshwater Fishing Australia #140

Our spring edition is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations to help you get into your share of natives and trout over the coming months. Andrew McGovern knows a thing or two about fishing and it’s not often he gets blown away by a fishing experience, but in the latter half of last year, over two separate trips to Tasmania, that’s exactly what happened.
We showcase all of the AFTA winners for 2016, and highlight all of the products that were deemed by the retail sector to be leaders and breaking new ground in the various categories. Meanwhile Chris Frith shares some new ways of thinking on an old technique to get you primed for your next golden perch assault. Andrew McGovern revisits and re-discovers the delights of the Monaro Plains region of NSW after being absentfor many seasons, and Trevor Hawkins takes a closer look at the best-known Monaro streams for you to put on your must-visit list. When it comes to the popularity of Murray cod lures, few if any can lay claim to rivalling the legendary status of the StumpJumper according to Rod Mackenzie, he makes his case in favour of this legendary lure. Watching a fish follow your lure before shying away at the last second is a scenario likely experienced by most golden perch anglers, after all It’s part and parcel of the golden game it seems; however, there are some techniques you can implement to convert more follows to hits according to Rhys Creed. Trevor Hawkins visits Hepburn Lagoon in Victoria, one of the most underrated big trout lakes in Australia. The Murrumbidgee River is well known in Australian fishing circles, but one particular stretch has captivated Wayne Dubois attention for many good reasons, read the article and find out what draws him back to a particular stretch of water, time and time again. Wake Baitingis a phenomenon some anglers instinctively understand, but which a greater numberhaven’t heard anything about. Stephen Booth explains reckons it’s worth considering on your next cod hunt. Lure fishing for wild Australian bass is one of the most exhilarating forms of light tackle fishing available to southern anglers,casting your presentation into thick vegetation and working it through a labyrinth of submerged branches or prospecting deep gorge pools are all bass scenarios that get the heart pumping for every native fisher according to Andrew McGovern. According to Trevor Hawkins, some of the best wilderness fishing in Victoria is on offer in the very upper reaches of the iconic King River around Pineapple Flat and King Hut.
That lot will keep you reading for a while, but there’s more of course, including all the latest gear, boat and motor reviews and all the usual indepth columns

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