Freshwater Fishing Australia - Issue #156

Issue 156 is a bumper with great articles and techniques and our Father’s day special feature. In issue #156, Old techniques get make overs every season and the tactic of fishing grubs near trees for golden perch has taken a massive technological leap as Stephen Booth explains. Discovery is the essence of becoming a better fly fisher as Casey Pfeiffer explains. Colby lesko takes us on a tour of wonderful Moyne River in Victoria’s south-west. Chasing bass is wild, unforgiving environments can be one of the most rewarding methods to catch this iconic Australian species. In this piece Andy details some innovative approaches in which to target these bronzed bruisers under the cloak of darkness. Lubin pfeiffer runs through the tactics used to produce large topwater explosions from the Murray River’s residents. But there’s more of course, including all the latest gear, reviews and in depth columns.

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