Freshwater Fishing Australia #176

Welcome to issue 176 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine. Packed full of amazing articles and offers for your holiday reading. Andy McGovern has always dreamt of fishing the rivers and streams of north Queensland. Recently his dream came true and he walked away with not only an experience of a lifetime and an incredible tally of fish, but some value lessons in lure fishing the sweet water. Lubin Pfeiffer travels to Rocklands Reservoir at the base of the spectacular Grampians in Victoria’s west has put itself back on the fishing map with recent major native stockings. And just like that angling would never be the same. Rod Mackenzie will explain. Toby Grundy has spent the better part of two decades fishing for golden perch in a variety of different locations from rivers through to big impoundments. Craig Coltman explains how to get the most out of open-water polaroiding on Great Lake. Rod Harrison says golden perch in our regional water storages have much to offer mainstream fly fishers.

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