Freshwater Fishing Australia #161

We are celebrating getting back out on the water with our Boating Special Edition of Freshwater Fishing!
#161 Jul/Aug contains everything new in boating, a boat directory with a few vintage photos included.
Old fishing boats and techniques, never fully disappear, but often morph to reflect modern ones, and so it is here we have re-published our favourites from the very early issues of Freshwater.

Colby Lesko explains how to tangle with the Murray rivers giant – the Murray cod. Leading into Winter there is no better time to target big rainbow trout and Andy McGovern outlines fundamental tips and techniques on how to lure that true trophy fish in both rivers and impoundments. Ben O’Brien fishes for Goldens during low water events and explains how he goes about it. Toby Grundy discusses a strategy to target large ‘following’ Murray cod. We hope you enjoy this issue – and enjoy getting back out on the water and having a fish!

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