Freshwater Fishing Australia #183


In this Autumn issue of Freshwater Fishing Magazine 183. We have compiled some our best articles featuring great technical how to. Andrew Mcgovern, explains why islands can often be the dominate feature in freshwater environments and will attract all manner of species from trout to barra. Australian lure makers are truly unique and one of the grandest examples of a true Cottage Industry anywhere in the world! Easily surpassing any other country, even the US! Innovation, ingenuity and some amazing craftmanship is evident throughout the industry. Over the past decade, Victoria has seen a surge in the popularity of one of our favourite native fish, the estuary perch. Tim Vincent explains. By Taylor Hunt, Anthony Forster and Travis Dowling, Victorian Fisheries Authority Endangered trout cod (Maccullochella macquariensis), blue nose or rock cod are being bolstered in northern Victoria through the expansion and building of new populations.